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Get Rats out of the Attic in Tampa

We had a call from a Tampa homeowner reporting strange noises from her attic at night. While she was trying to fall asleep, she heard scurrying and chewing noises. When she entered her attic, she noticed black, bean-shaped objects


During an inspection, we comb over the entire house. Because she noticed issues in her attic, we started there.

Once in the attic, we discovered evidence of rats – rat droppings in the insulation and a broken gable vent. Fortunately, there was no evidence of rats in the living areas of the home or in the crawl space.


Based on what we found, we set up several traps in the attic near the gable vents. Over the next few weeks, we would consistently check the traps and remove the rats. Standard rat trapping takes five to fourteen days.


Rats leave a pheromone trail that other rats can follow into your home. The most complete rat control solution is exclusion work. During the inspection, we also identify all current and possible entry points.

It seemed the main entry point was the damaged gable vent. The screen was installed inside the gable vent. It’s not uncommon for older homes to have screens that rats can easily chew through.

We installed a new rodent-proof screen made hardware cloth made of galvanized steel. We also discovered the chimney cap provided a potential entry point so we added a new cap to it.