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Can Snakes Climb? Finding Snake Skins in Attic

In Greenville, a homeowner heard the strangest sound in their attic. After an investigation, we found a snake skin in the attic! In South Carolina, rat snakes are prominent and excellent climbers. It is not uncommon to find them in attics. Because rat snakes ambush their prey, they need to be present where their prey […]

How to Get Rid of Snakes

Snake in a garden

For most people, finding a snake in your house or in your yard can be alarming. But the fact is, most snakes are harmless to humans, and many do the noble job of keeping more annoying pests (e.g., rodents) in check. If you spot one in your yard, the best thing to do in most […]

What Animal is in My Garage?

A garage affords a homeowner many luxuries, chief among them being extra space, and the ability to store one’s car in a safe place. But garages do have one big caveat: they are susceptible to pests. This is because garages—by virtue of their large doors that are often left open for extended periods of time—are […]

We Found a Surprise Guest During Charleston Rat Control

Roof rat on wood

Rodents will always be an issue in Charleston because of the proximity to water and the unique architectural style in Charleston. Rodents like rats and mice can damage your house, spread diseases, and contaminate your food. But there’s another surprising reason for rodent removal. Rats in the Attic A homeowner had roof rats in their […]

Why Is a Snake in My House?

Snake in House Snakes in the house typically enter either by accident or in search of food and shelter. Either way, most snakes tend to come in at the ground floor of a structure. The reptiles find entrances via gaps under doors or openings in the walls and foundations, around plumbing and vents, and even […]

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