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Our Wildlife Control Process

There is no one-size-fits-all solution; each job requires a custom approach. We inspect every home and build a custom plan to resolve any wildlife problems.

The exterior and interior of your home will be fully inspected. On the exterior of your home, our consultant will thoroughly inspect your roof and crawlspace. They will look for entry points, damage to the property, rub marks, footprints, and fecal matter.  Our interior inspection includes a thorough attic inspection where our consultant will look for nesting material, fecal matter, track marks, burrowing, and damage like chewing. Depending on the severity of the situation, our consultant may inspect other areas inside your home.

After performing a thorough inspection, our Wildlife Consultant will develop a custom plan to solve your wildlife problem. Animal removal strategies can include traps, one way doors, and repellents. 


Every unique animal problem begins with an initial inspection. Our Wildlife Consultant will investigate the property for signs of wildlife. Wild animals leave numerous signs of their presence such as droppings, track marks, and entry points.  Our Wildlife Consultant will determine the type of animal and severity of infestation which will allow him/her to create a personalized plan.

Wildlife Removal

Depending on the species, your Trutech technician will deploy a strategy. Examples of our strategies include but are not limited to trapping, live trapping, direct capture, deterrents, one-way doors.

Wildlife Control 

A full home exclusion creates a barrier that prevents animals from entering or re-entering your home. Exclusions provide long-term and safe solutions to keep an animal out. We seal all types of entry points like roof returns, gable vents, ridge vents, crawlspace vents, and plumbing stacks. In addition, Trutech offers warranties on full home exclusions.

Remediation and Repairs

After your home is secure, it is vital to restore your home. Wild animals do not make the best house guests. These unwelcome guests might infect your family with diseases or parasites. Attic invaders leave behind waste, contaminating insulation and the air within your home. Trutech offers attic clean-up and sanitization services to rid your home of animal waste and disinfect affected areas of your home.

Residential Wildlife Removal

Trutech Wildlife Service offers long-term solutions while providing humane wildlife removal and control. Trutech’s professional wildlife technicians specialize in removing wildlife from your home safely to leave you with a peace of mind.

Commercial Wildlife Removal

You can’t afford to let a wildlife invasion damage your business. We understand. Our fast response time and expertise ensure that your animal problem is handled quickly and discreetly.

Schedule a Free Inspection*

Some geographic restrictions apply

Wildlife Exclusion

If you have a nuisance wildlife problem, you need to solve the root issue — how the animal got into your house. Exclusions seal the animal entry hole with materials designed to keep the target pest out.

Wildlife exclusion services provide the most effective to control wildlife. Exclusion repairs offer immediate, long term pest control solutions. The barriers offer chemical-free solutions, so it is safe to people, animals, and the environment.

Leak sealing icon

Seal holes and Cover openings

Wildlife can squeeze into extremely small spaces (pencil width is big enough for many rodents) so it's important to make sure they are completely sealed.

Vent sealing icon

Fortify Foundations

Physically blocking access to crawl spaces greatly increases the protection you have against unwanted wildlife.

Ground defense icon

Erect Fences and Bury Barriers

Fences and barriers are physical deterrents that keep wildlife from accessing areas on your property.

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Seal Chimneys

Chimney are popular hiding spots for a variety of wildlife. Properly sealing your chimney keeps animals our while protecting your property.

Why Choose Trutech

Our Guarantee

With Trutech, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Trutech technicians take great pride in providing quality workmanship to solve your wildlife pest needs.  If you are not completely satisfied, we move to fix the issue at no additional charge or offer a refund. 

Free Inspection

Trutech provides free estimates and onsite inspections. We provide a comprehensive inspection of the property. Our 70-point inspection process identifies all current and potential animal entry points, damage to the structure, and the pest animals. Based on the inspection, we create a custom wildlife removal and control plan. 

Financing Available

For Trutech customers we offer fixed rate financing through the Rollins Acceptance Company (RAC).

Both standard and 90-day same as cash financing options have 12-,18-,24-, or 36-month options. Some projects might qualify for a budgeted plan up to 60 months. 

Contact us for more details.

Meredith G.
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I am a customer of Trutech and I just wanted to tell you that you have a very dedicated and knowledgeable technician in Ansley Sherlock. We had a difficult rat problem and she has worked tirelessly to help us. She is friendly and pleasant. I know that she will succeed in getting rid of our rats. She is patient and answers all our questions. We definitely will recommend your company to anyone who needs your services.
Jennifer G.
Snake Removal
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Dear Trutech, yesterday happened just like you promised! You had told me that if I saw a snake on our property again to call you any day or any time because that’s the best time to catch them – that is, soon after they’re spotted. You sent Alfred Burns right away and Nick Yohn, D.M. arrived, shortly thereafter. Removing that 65″ snake from our yard was a great relief for my wife and me. You have kept every promise you’ve made and you have provided great customer service at every step.
Ted H.Charleston Wildlife Control
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Life happens, right? Had a mix-up on my routine bi-monthly scheduled service and got skipped. There's no need to complain when things go right but the response when something goes wrong says a lot, maybe more, about a company's real customer appreciation. I contacted Trutech's customer service and was immediately helped, a yard service was completed in the next couple of days at my convenience and at no charge, and too, all without any negative attitude, etc. I'm already a long-time customer and plan to remain so.
Polly T.
Raccoon Removal in Dallas
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Trutech drove a raccoon out of my attic & sealed several openings shut. They cleaned up the droppings. They trapped an armadillo & her offsprings left. Then Trutech drove stakes in the ground beside my fence to shut off their passage. All their efforts have paid off because the wildlife has not returned.
Tom K
Tom KRat Control in Fort Myers
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Cured my rat problem years ago. Bait stations keeping things quiet.
Mike C.
Mice Control in Cleveland, OH
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We have mouse traps set around our house. The Trutech technician always contacts us before he checks them every month. We are notified of any activity promptly. We are very pleased with Trutech services.
Mark M. Moles in Kansas City
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Jacob and Alex did a great job they was here for one or two hours we would recommend them to anyone who has a mole problem.
Vivek S.
Vivek S.
Squirrels in Raleigh-Durham
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I needed someone to come back out here and fix a new hole the squirrels were using to access it, and BOOM, Trutech did it right away. And they told me to hit them back up if any more holes crop up. Very appreciated!

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no one-size-fits-all solution; each job requires a custom approach. We inspect every home and build a custom plan to resolve any wildlife problems. We use a variety of techniques including cage traps, direct capture, one-way valves,  and deterrents. Exclusion techniques are the most effective way to get rid of animals. 

We provide customized solutions to each individual customer so that we may solve the issue as quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively as possible. The size of the house, type of animal, number of nuisance animals, and length of time of infestation affect the estimated price of wildlife removal.

An estimate may change based on the amount of animal activity or work needed to be done. All estimates are finalized with an exact price before any work begins.

Our goal is to remove any wildlife as humanely as possible — often that means catching and releasing the animal.

Trutech® does not hire subcontractors for animal removal services. We employ expert technicians who are provided ongoing education and training in all aspects of animal control and removal. Many of our technicians hold degrees in Wildlife Biology, Entomology (insects), Ornithology (birds) or Herpetology (reptiles), some with Masters degrees in their specialty field.

Yes! We are licensed and insured.

We start by first removing the wildlife on your property, and cleaning up any damage. From there we’ll work with you to create a customized prevention plan so you won’t have the same issue again.

Typically an animal dies in your home because it became trapped in a hard-to-reach and hidden area. Our expert technicians have the experience and knowledge to find it and then safely remove the carcass from your home.

Our Wildlife Technicians use a pet-safe odor eliminator made of natural organisms and enzymes that consume decaying organic odor-causing matter, eliminating the source of the lingering odor. We use aerosols, oxidizing agents, foggers, and disinfectants with germicides to deodorize until nature completes this task for you.

You should consider a full home exclusion after the smell has been neutralized. Nuisance wildlife found its way into your house once. That entrance leaves your home vulnerable to future animal infestations. Full home exclusions are the most effective form of wildlife control.

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