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Always On Time

“Trutech technicians are always punctual & always willing to answer questions & comply to your requests & special needs. Have had great result with their services & trust their work.”

Professional Service

“Very professional and delivered service exactly as said. Clear solutions to removing our pest.”

Snake Removal

“Dear Trutech, yesterday happened just like you promised! You had told me that if I saw a snake on our property again to call you any day or any time because that’s the best time to catch them – that is, soon after they’re spotted. You sent Alfred Burns right away and Nick Yohn, D.M. arrived, shortly thereafter. Removing that 65″ snake from our yard was a great relief for my wife and me.

You have kept every promise you’ve made and you have provided great customer service at every step. This episode with the snake has been just one more example in a list of number of things you have done for us

Copperhead Snake Removal

“Kudo Twice over for Trutech!

This past summer was not a pleasant one for me as I had a big problem with ‘copperhead snakes’. I quit counting at thirty two (32). After discovering a large snake in our basement, I started calling exterminators claiming to specialize in snake removal. The first two were a colossal waste of money. The first company that came out said, “Oh we don’t deal with poisonous snakes”. The next one told me to just leave them alone and everything would be fine. Can you imagine being told to leave a copperhead in your house alone?

Then Trutech’s Michael Green came. What an awesome guy! He was so knowledgeable and respectful. He caught two snakes the first night with his traps. I was so impressed with Michael, I recommended Trutech to my best friend in Florida. She had a rat problem on Amelia Island. Her tech Tony, gave her the same great service and sense of relief that Michael did for me.

Recommending Tampa Techs

“I’m always suggesting Trutech to area neighbors and friends. Trutech has done a wonderful job for us at our home, and continues to do so with our quarterly service. The techs that come out are very nice, very informative, and hard workers for us customers….they get the job done!”

Great Communication

“I like everything about this company. Communication is key for me and they do this really well. I appreciate the heads-up reminders plus the friendliness of the team members who’ve been to my home. All seem to like their work which indicates to me someone executing good leadership.”

Friendly Techs

“The tech is very friendly and always leaves me a note on what she found and that she was here”

Dedicated to Solving Your Needs

“Responsive to my needs. Their techs are extremely dedicated to solving whatever problem exists regardless of current weather conditions. Very professional and dedicated.”

Fast and Unintrusive Service

“The monthly services are reliable and done without being intrusive at all. I have been very happy with their service”

Squirrel Exclusion

“I needed someone to come back out here and fix a new hole the squirrels were using to access it, and BOOM, Trutech did it right away. And they told me to hit them back up if any more holes crop up. Very appreciated!”


“The service is dependable and the people are professional and friendly. “

Friendly Service in Orlando, FL

“I really like that your service is prompt, professional, thorough and very friendly.”

Great Service

“I wanted to let you know that I can not say enough good things about your tech Michael Beall! I have four dogs and only one had a slight issue with his presence at first and now he has won over all of them along with us too!!! He is very professionally, courteous, and just a blessing to work with. Mike is very funny, trustworthy, and honest! All that makes or breaks a deal with a company you have chosen to come into your home. Just wished everybody could be like Mike.”

Professional Experts

“An Atlanta customer stated that Dustin Taylor is not only professional but he takes his time explaining things. Dustin is courteous and always reassures him that their rat situation is improving. He also stated that it is hard to find hard working young men dedicated to their profession. He feels that Dustin Taylor is a great asset to Trutech.”

Reliable Service

“Reliable, affordable and effective. What more can one ask?”

Great Service

“Trutech was prompt in addressing our needs. We were very happy with their work.”

Great Technicians Help With Moles in Kansas City

“Jacob and Alex did a great job. They were here for one or two hours and we would recommend them to anyone who has a mole problem. “

Regular and Affordable Massachusetts Service

“Effective Prompt/Regular visits and they provide an alert before arriving. Great personnel -Harrison is the best!  Explains the process, bait levels, etc. Affordable.”

Would Recommend

“We are very happy with our Trutech service. We recommend them highly”

Polite Technicians in Jacksonville, FL

“They did a nice job with replacing the insulation in the crawl space, cleaned up after themselves. Techs were polite, and monthly service is faultless.”

Knowledgeable Technicians

“Tech’s are knowledgeable and show up on schedule.  No problem with service”

Friendly Techs That Work With Customer

“They work with the customer. They actively listen and are professional!”

Professional and On Time

“Very professional, always on time. I highly recommend this Company.”

Snake Removal in Ft. Myers, FL

“The technician came promptly, found the snake, explained about the trap needed to capture it, and your program to keep further snakes out of the house.  Later another technician came, removed the trapped snake, and installed the outside traps, etc.  All of them were courteous and professional. “

Professional Staff in DFW Area

“Manager and Technician are professional. Job is done right.”

Raccoon and Armadillo Removal and Exclusion

“Trutech drove a raccoon out of my attic & sealed several openings shut. They cleaned up the droppings. They trapped an armadillo & her offsprings left. Then Trutech drove stakes in the ground beside my fence to shut off their passage.”

Excellent Technicians

“I have received excellent service since hiring Trutech to control my rodent problem in Charleston. I have enjoyed working with Brandon Busby-Shaw is phenomenal to work with in understanding your issues. Also, our technician Graham is also a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend Trutech!”

Professional Techs

“Each tech that has handled my issues has been knowledgeable, professional and very respectful. All issues were resolved properly.”

Dedicated & Knowledgable Technician

“I am a customer of Trutech and I just wanted to tell you that you have a very dedicated and knowledgeable technician in Ansley Sherlock. We had a difficult rat problem and she has worked tirelessly to help us. She is friendly and pleasant. I know that she will succeed in getting rid of our rats. She is patient and answers all our questions. We definitely will recommend your company to anyone who needs your services in”

Very Professional

“An Arlington, TX customer said that Michael Beall did such a great job and he is very professional.”

Dependable, Honest, & Trustworthy

“I wanted to take the opportunity to commend BC West. He is an excellent representative for Trutech- polite, courteous, prompt, thorough and above all dependable, honest. and TRUSTWORTHY. He never failed to call before hand and made his appointment in a timely manner. He is truly the caliber of employee you would want to represent your company.”

Good Job

“Roy Keel did a very, very good job”

Professional & Dedicated Employees

“Thanks for having such professional and dedicated employees

Much Appreciated

“I just wanted to extend my appreciation for the hard work and diligent effort of one of your technicians. His name is Alex Laufenberger. He is always on time and has been trying hard to resolve our issue (still ongoing). His colleague Josh is also very helpful.”

Peace of Mind

“To Whom It May Concern: Tony Holland, our Technician responded very promptly today to my critical need. He was EXTREMELY helpful in fixing this scary situation for me. He is always very courteous, helpful, and proactive in resolving my issues. I wanted to let you know what a great employee you have. He gave me back some peace of mind”

Squirrel Removal

“I just wanted to thank Truyech for the professional squirrel removal services that you have provided through Clint Whitaker. He has done a super job, handles himself professionally and courteously, and repaired several areas where squirrels and chipmunks have eaten their way into the attic and crawlspace of my home. It was a tough job, but he did it, always with a smile and easy going personality that made it comfortable to have him working here at the house. He’s very knowledgeable, helpful and has shared some good points for pest prevention.

Thank you for a great job.”

Thank You, We Are Again Comfortable In Our Home

“I strongly felt the need to send this complimentary note on behalf of your technician, Alfred Burns. Mr. Burns professionalism and expertise has been extremely effective and quite a comfort to my family in our time of need. We had a few issues with possums in my home and on my property and am happy to say he has resolved the problem in a very short period of time. Mr. Burns set traps, plugged small openings, reinforced around the air conditioning/heating system, etc… and educated us on how to recognize future potential problems for the future. He remained professional and courteous even when I may have been exhibiting negative behaviors that were based on fear since my 82 year old mother was very afraid and unable to remain in our home at the time.

Mr. Burns is an asset and a compliment to your organization and has left quite a positive impression on me. Therefore I would not think twice in calling or referring you company again if the need should arise.

Thank you, we are again comfortable in our home thanks to Mr.Burns.”

Extremely Please With Our Trutech Experience

“Josh Jamison is an excellent representative for Trutech!

My husband and I discovered a rat problem at our house in November, and our Orkin Service Manager referred us to Trutech. Josh came in and took charge immediately. He knew exactly what to do and he set about doing it at once. He was very thorough in explaining his plan of action and kept me informed all along the way. Within less than two weeks, there was no sign of a problem which we had seen growing quickly.

Josh exudes confidence and has a strong sense of customer service. He responded immediately to every phone call I placed. I dialed his number by mistake this week, didn’t leave a message, and even though his work with us was finished, I still heard back from him within five minutes to see what I needed. He was careful in moving items in the house and in protecting our carpets when he came into the house from outside.

My husband and I are extremely pleased with our Trutech experience. The technician creates the customer experience, and you have a winner in Josh.


Bat Exclusion — A Common-sense Solution to an Age-old Problem

“IT WAS LIKE A SCENE from an old horror movie. A burly Police Officer cowered with a tennis racket in hand, while the petite Homeowner fearfully peered over his shoulder. A Big Brown Bat (Eptesicus fuscus) flew from room to room, dodging the frantic racket swings of the Officer in pursuit. As absurd as this scenario appeared, it was nothing new for me–just a typical day’s work for our Company! Fortunately, I arrived in time to prevent injury to the bat, damage to the people, or to the furniture. I proceeded to easily remove the frightened bat from the living room curtains, where it had landed.

In the past, the Animal Control industry has done little to alleviate the fears of Homeowners or to develop humane solutions for bat removal. Poisons, repellents, and death have been the legacy of the exterminator. But education is slowly changing that story.

Although the Homeowner in this particular instance had encountered only one bat, there were actually more than 50 Big Brown Bats roosting in her chimney, as is often the case. A chink in the bricks’ mortar allowed them to crawl in through the fireplace, where they apparently had been living for years.

The Lady of the house seemed apprehensive but curious, as I explained the positive side of bats. She was squeamish as many Homeowners are, about sharing her space with any small, wild animal. I talked about how bats provide insect control, but I didn’t really get her attention until I mentioned how bat guano could do wonders as a fertilizer for her flowers!

When I returned to this particular home at sundown, a crowd of neighbors had gathered to watch the bats come out to feed. Several families brought picnic dinners, and children clustered around me, full of questions. As darkness fell, I used a spotlight to illuminate the bats as they were exiting. Flurries of bats flew overhead, and then out to feed on moths near the street lights.

If you haven’t looked up in your attic lately, these attic-dwelling creatures could be calling your home theirs. Many States have laws that protect bats, so whatever you do, call Trutech! We are licensed and insured Professionals, who are trained and skilled in the humane removal of bats. We also specialize in the preventative measures to keep them from re-entering your home!”

Amazing Puppy Rescue

“With machete in hand, Steve Stewart worked his way through the swamp, hearing the cries of a young dog. The cry started to fade when he approached an area of the swamp. He found the dog buried in quick sand up to its neck. With one paw clinging onto a branch, inches away from death, Steve was able to drag the dog out of the swamp onto dry land. He carried the Labrador in both arms through the swamp to safety. The customer’s eyes were red from crying profusely. Then in the distance she saw Steve Stewart, exhausted with a hundred pound Labrador in both arms. The customer ran to him dreading that the dog was dead. The customer was at the dog’s side hoping he would lift his head and when he heard her voice he did. She said she had never been so scared in her life. Because of Trutech and their brave Technician, her dog had a chance to live another day!”

The Demise of the Rat King

“One look at the scene and your stomach turned. The ground was alive beneath your feet as tens of thousands of Norway rats scurried back and forth, in and out of their burrows. These rats showed no regard for the tenants as they regularly snatched food right out of their hands. I was looking at the grounds of a local apartment building.

The tenants seemed to be used to this disgusting display, accepting their plight. What stood out on this day was the emergence of the usually absent Rat King. This beast, easily as large as a house cat, would typically reign from below. Today he sauntered around the grounds surveying his kingdom, perhaps looking for other nearby apartment complexes to conquer. Perhaps he could sense what was to come though, that today was unlike any other.

This day was different indeed. Today, the Rat Men of Trutech were on the scene and prepared to dethrone the King. Randy, Jeff and new trainee, Adam, were armed with the best ammunition available and stormed in with a vengeance. At first, the Rat King was unphased, thinking he would easily dispense of the intruders like he had done on previous occasions. As the Rat Men moved closer and closer, purging their path of any and all rodents, his demeanor changed. One could see the panic spread over his face and he began to retreat. Randy made the first move and blocked his retreat, while Jeff and Adam flanked him on either side; he was trapped.

With a full on assault, the Rat Men of Trutech were able to purge the premises of the mighty rat kingdom. The residents applauded in appreciation for the hard work, fortitude and bravery of these men.”

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