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Black Birds

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Black bird on a table

Black Bird Information

Blackbirds are a species of North American birds known for their black feathers. Blackbirds are known to cause damage by eating plants and vegetation in your yard or garden. These birds can also carry insects like fleas, mites, and lice on their wings that can spread diseases to humans and animals. When you notice blackbirds on your property, in your yard, or in your garage, you know that it is time to call the wildlife management experts at Trutech for help.

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What does a Black Bird look like?

Among all species, female blackbirds are typically smaller than their male counterparts. They are also duller in color, usually appearing brown or gray, while males are often black-bodied with hints of luster in their coats. Red-winged blackbirds are distinguishable by their red and yellow shoulders, and yellow-headed blackbirds have gold heads and chests with white on their wings.

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What does a Black Bird eat?

Being omnivores, blackbirds eat seeds, grains, fruits, and insects. Pests that congregate in urban areas often obtain food when fishing through trash bins. Different species of blackbirds will have slightly varying diets based on their locations.

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Black Bird habits

Blackbirds nest in fields, trees, marshes, and farmlands in warm months. Since these pests migrate, the lot of them can be found in the southern parts of the country during winter, gathering in towns, meadows, and on farms.

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