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Black Bird Control

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Black Bird Removal Strategies

Blackbirds are a species of North American birds known for their black feathers. Blackbirds are known to cause damage by eating plants and vegetation in your yard or garden. These birds can also carry insects like fleas, mites, and lice on their wings that can spread diseases to humans and animals. When you notice blackbirds on your property, in your yard, or in your garage, you know that it is time to call the wildlife management experts at Trutech for help.

Trutech is your go-to source for blackbird control and blackbird removal services. We have a team of professionals on staff that is dedicated to servicing all of your wildlife maintenance needs, big or small. When you call Trutech, you can guarantee that the entire Trutech team is there for you. Trutech’s effective and humane blackbird control services ensure that the birds causing damage to your property are removed safely and efficiently.

Our specialists care about the well-being of the animals on your property as well as the well-being of your yard and garden itself. Our team of professionals knows what is needed to conduct a proper blackbird removal. With the help of Trutech’s licensed technicians and specialists, you can guarantee that your home is protected from damage caused by blackbirds for many months to come.

Black Bird Problem

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Dangers of Black Bird Infestation

The greatest damage blackbirds cause is to crops and plants, as they often raid and destroy fruit orchards, gardens, and corn and sunflower fields. In addition, flocks that nest in the same place year after year contaminate the soil with their feces. After time, toxic fungi can form and contribute to the spread of histoplasmosis. Simply breathing in the air surrounding these roosting spots can endanger homeowners. Also, many people are bothered by the loud calls created by large groups of blackbirds.

Humane Black Bird Removal & Control Strategies

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Entry into property

These pests are abundant throughout towns and cities, nesting in yards, barns, and sheds. Sometimes eaves, roofs, and attics are utilized by flocks of blackbirds, as these warm and protected spaces provide them with room to build their nests. When pests reside in or near homes, they leave piles of droppings and emit annoying sounds.

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Trapping & Removal

Since certain blackbird species are protected under the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act, homeowners should contact professionals to perform legal trapping or removal procedures. At Trutech, our team of specialists are trained to safely handle blackbird infestations.

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Prevention & Exclusion

To exclude the pests from gardens or crop fields, homeowners can use lightweight netting as a cover for the area. Additionally, sound devices can be set up around sheds, attics, or garages to deter blackbirds from entering. Finally, homeowners can install motion-sensor lights around yards in attempt to scare the birds.

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