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Sparrow on a fence board

Sparrow Information

Sparrows are a species of small birds common across the United States. Because of their wide range, sparrows can create a real nuisance for homeowners like yourself. Most species of birds, including sparrows, are known to cause damage by building nests or leaving droppings in your home or attic. Sparrows can carry insects like fleas, mites, and lice on their wings that can be spread if they make their way into your home. Once they have entered your home, these flying creatures can be difficult to get rid of. When you notice sparrows on your property or in your yard or garage, you know that it is time to call the wildlife management experts at Trutech.

What wildlife look like icon

What does a Sparrow look like?

Sparrows typically range between four and seven inches long, depending on the species. A bit larger than females, males are brown in color with white cheeks and a distinctive black bib under their beaks. Females are predominately gray or light brown, though both sexes have white undersides.

What wildlife eat icon

What does a Sparrow eat?

Feeding primarily on grains, seeds, and other plant matter, sparrows also eat various insects and earthworms. House sparrows are notorious for picking insects off car windshields and collecting food crumbs from picnic spots and parking lots.

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Sparrow habitats

Unlike some other songbirds, sparrows tend to inhabit areas altered by humans. The pests are commonly found around farms, cities, and residential areas. Sparrows are typically absent from wooded regions, plains, and deserts.

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