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Swallow on a tree branch

Swallow Information

Swallows are small birds common across the United States. During the winter, these birds migrate from North America to Central and South America. Their migration typically begins at the end of June or beginning of July. Swallows typically have red faces and blue and white feathers and enjoy living in fields, barns, and other man-made structures.

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What does a Swallow look like?

Commonly, swallows are between five and seven inches in length. Differences in the coloration of barn and cliff species help to identify them, although females of both varieties are duller than males. Red faces and white foreheads characterize cliff swallows, while barn swallows have brown faces and blue heads. Additionally, cliff swallows have square-shaped tails, whereas barn swallow tails are forked. Both types also have brown or white bodies and blue wings.

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What does a Swallow eat?

Swallows hunt for food when in flight, making winged insects the basis of their diet. Typically, this includes beetles, mosquitoes, and flies.

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Swallow habitats

Swallows inhabit most regions throughout the country, with more barn swallows located in the south. They are drawn to open fields or farmlands with access to water, though they may also be found in urban and suburban areas. Adapted to living near people, the pests are usually found dwelling on ledges or any flat part of buildings suited to hold their nests.

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