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Raven in a yard

Raven Information

Ravens are large black birds that can grow up to 2 feet long. Ravens thrive in a variety of different habitats including rural areas in parts of the western and northern United States. You may run into ravens on your property when they enter in search of food. Ravens feed off of garbage and animal carcasses as well as small animals, seeds, and grains. If a raven is seen on your property, it may indicate that an injured or deceased animal is closeby.

What wildlife look like icon

What does a Raven look like?

Similar in appearance to their cousins, the crow, ravens are large and completely black birds. They have shaggy throats and breast feathers, as well as pointed tails. In the sky, ravens are capable of aerial acrobatics and can even fly upside down for long distances. While foraging for food on the ground, the birds tend to strut or hop about.

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What does a Raven eat?

As opportunistic omnivores, ravens are known for eating almost anything from carrion and small mammals to pet food and garbage. In the wild, they commonly eat plant matter, such as seeds and fruits, as well as insects and animals like snails, lizards, and dead creatures.

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Raven habitats

Common sights throughout the Western United States, ravens are capable of making their homes in almost any environment. They live on coasts, in forests, mountain ranges, grasslands, tundra, farm fields, rural towns, and even major cities. Ravens are one of the few species of songbirds that enter into monogamous mating relationships for life. Mated pairs build large nests together in the crooks of trees and will aggressively defend their nesting sites from other birds, animals, and humans that approach.

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