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Vole eating food

Vole Information

Voles are small rodents that are often referred to as “field mice”. Voles are found across the United States, especially in rural areas. These rodents are only about 3-9 inches long when they are fully grown. Voles will dig complicated tunnels underneath your yard or garden, potentially destroying the plants that are growing there. Voles are always looking for plants to eat, so they may be tempted to venture near your property in search of vegetation to eat.

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What does a Vole look like?

Voles are small, stocky, and resemble field mice. Species vary in length but are between four and eight inches long on average. They have short tails and legs, thick fur, and small eyes. Their fur is either brown or gray.

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What does a Vole eat?

As omnivores, vole diets most often consist of plants, grass, seeds, and bulbs. The pests also eat bark from trees, and some species prey on insects. Crop fields and gardens are at high risk of becoming infested with voles.

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Vole habitats

Voles are adaptable when it comes to their living environment, though they prefer to have some kind of coverage in the form of tall grass. As such, lawns, farms, gardens, fields, and meadows are common nesting grounds.

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