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Can Snakes Climb? Finding Snake Skins in Attic

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In Greenville, a homeowner heard the strangest sound in their attic. After an investigation, we found a snake skin in the attic! In South Carolina, rat snakes are prominent and excellent climbers. It is not uncommon to find them in attics.

Because rat snakes ambush their prey, they need to be present where their prey is active. Rat snakes will follow rodents like rats into attics and wait to strike.

rat snake skin in attic

Though they may not seem like the ideal nesting grounds for snakes, attics offer the pests consistent temperatures and plentiful food. Since they are cold-blooded, snakes need stable climates to regulate their body temperature. Attics are reliably warm and humid, which makes them attractive.

Can Snakes Climb?

A few snakes are excellent climbers. Snakes do not stick like lizards or insects; they cannot climb smooth surfaces. The snake needs something to grab onto and push off of. Snakes can use their strong muscles and scale texture to grip onto surfaces and make their way up vertical areas like walls, trees, or even the outer structure of a house.

To reach an attic, snakes are often attracted to potential entry points. These entry points could include gaps or cracks in the foundation, loose siding, or gaps between rooflines and fascia boards. They can also utilize nearby trees, branches, or shrubs to gain access to the roof.

Once a snake finds an entry point, their flexible bodies allow them to squeeze through small openings that might seem impenetrable to other creatures. The pests then get inside via gaps in roof eaves, open windows, holes, or vents.

Snakes are opportunistic in nature and might enter an attic in search of shelter, warmth, or prey. They are particularly attracted to attics that provide suitable conditions.

Signs of Snakes in the Attic

House residents may be informed of snake presence by shed skins, droppings that contain bones and fur, and slither tracks in the dirt of yards.

Removing Snakes from Attics

It is important for homeowners to contact professional wildlife control at the first signs of snake activity. Some species of snakes are venomous. Even non-venomous snakes can inflict painful bites on house residents.

More importantly, a snake infestation is usually a sign of rats or mice. Not only will the experts at Trutech devise a plan to get rid of snakes, we will also investigate

snake skin in attic in Greenville, SC

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