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Rat Sounds

Roof rate climbing a wooden structure

Oftentimes, rat sounds are the first indicators of rodent problems within the home. When indoors, these pests can be heard gnawing on floor joists, siding, and electrical wiring to grind down their front teeth. They also scamper around within walls, commonly leading homeowners to misidentify them as larger pests. However, when the scurrying is paired […]

Chipmunk Sounds

Chipmunk eating a nut

Chipmunks most frequently use a high-pitched chirping noise. Their ‘chuck-chuck’ call is often mistaken for birdsong. But when responding to threats, you may hear a high-pitched ‘wee.’  Chipmunks usually live in underground burrows, but it is not unheard of for them to find their way into human homes. As far as home-invading rodents are concerned, […]

Squirrel Sounds

  If you hear sounds in your attic during the day, most times it is a squirrel. Squirrels will most likely make noises during the early morning and late evening, when squirrels are entering and exiting the home. Squirrels commonly produce scurrying, scampering, and scratching sounds in the attic. Because of their size, it can […]

Mouse Sounds

Mouse in a house

Mice tend to be nocturnal or crepuscular, but they are intelligent animals that adapt to you. They are most likely to be active when you are not there or inactive. Mouse Vocalizations Mice are known to make squeaking or even high-pitched singing sounds, especially when babies are present or when the males are trying to […]

Bat Sounds

Despite the old idiom, bats are not blind—they just don’t rely on their sight to any meaningful degree. Instead, they “see” the world primarily through sound, using something called echolocation. Echolocation occurs when an animal emits a sound wave that bounces off an object, returning an echo that provides information about the object’s distance and size.  […]

Snake Sounds

Snake on the ground

Depending on the species and time of year, snakes can be both nocturnal and diurnal. The most recognizable snake noise is a hiss followed by the rattle of a rattlesnake.  Snake Hiss If you find a snake hissing in your home or on your property, leave it alone. Snakes hiss as a warning before they […]

Opossum Sounds

Opossum on a fence

Opossums are usually silent. If you hear one, it will be at night. These pests will make clicking noises when they’re trying to attract mates and hissing or growling sounds when they feel threatened. Baby opossums make noises that sound like sneezing when trying to get their parent’s attention.  What do opossum sounds mean? Clicking […]

Skunk Sounds

While they’re usually silent, skunks do have the ability to produce a range of sounds, like: Squeal Hiss Screech Whimper Grump Smack their lips Stomp their feet What do skunk noises mean?  These noises are used to communicate fear, pain, and contentedness, or to intimidate predators. Skunks make snuffling sounds when they’re actively searching for […]

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