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Rat Sounds

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Oftentimes, rat sounds are the first indicators of rodent problems within the home. When indoors, these pests can be heard gnawing on floor joists, siding, and electrical wiring to grind down their front teeth.

They also scamper around within walls, commonly leading homeowners to misidentify them as larger pests. However, when the scurrying is paired with incessant squeaking, residents should assume the sounds are coming from rodents. Other rat noises include hissing and shrieking to ward off enemies.

Rat Sounds in Attic

Homeowners that hear scratching noises in the attic at night may be dealing with rats. These nocturnal pests typically enter homes through basements, subfloors, and hollow walls, though some species, such as roof rats, are particularly common in the attic. Noises at night, such as gnawing, clawing, scratching, or squeaking, are usually the result of rats communicating with each other.

Depending on their mood, these vocal pests make a variety of different sounds. Teeth chattering or clacking may indicate feelings of anxiety or contentment, while fighting rats can make a loud shrieking, hissing, or squeaking noise. In the attic, rodents may also keep homeowners up at night with sounds caused by their movement. As rats travel between their nests and food sources in kitchens, pantries, or bathrooms, residents may hear rustling or scratching overhead.

Rat Sounds in Wall

Known to infest homes during severe weather or when food is scarce, rats often utilize walls and voids within buildings for travel and nesting. These agile pests do the majority of their scavenging from dusk to dawn. Homeowners may discover infestations when they hear rat noises in the wall at night or in the early morning. While people can sometimes pick up the sound of rats squeaking in walls, it is more common to notice louder, more repetitive activities. These typically include rustling or scratching noises in the wall when the pests run, as well as thumping sounds that occur when they bump surfaces.

In addition, rats are notorious for chewing electrical wires and other dangerous household items. A gnawing sound in walls, when loud enough to detect, frequently signifies rat infestation. This can be cause for concern, as damaged wires are a serious fire hazard.

Rat Control and Removal

Not only are rats noisy, but they also cause considerable property damage. Upon hearing repetitive scratching noises inside walls or in the attic at night, look for physical evidence of the pests, such as tiny droppings along baseboards or nibbled pantry goods. 

Infestations in attics can be particularly devastating, since the pests rip up insulation to build nests and gnaw on pipes and electrical wiring.

Traps are a common way to deal with rats, though knowing the right kind to buy and the most effective places to set them can mean the difference between successful removal and a wasted investment. Since rodents often hide in hard-to-reach and concealed places, homeowners should contact the wildlife professionals at Trutech to handle rat issues.

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