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Raccoon Removal in Raleigh-Durham

raccoon sound growl

Raccoons thrive in every county in North Carolina. In fact, since 1987 evidence suggests the raccoon population is growing. Their preferred habitat has easy access to water, such as bottomland forests, hardwood swamps and marshes. Raccoons thrive near people because of increased shelter and food options in conjuction with less predation Raccoons in the Triangle […]

Squirrel Removal in Wake County

The most effective method to get rid of squirrels is to trap them. You can also get a squirrel to evict itself with a one-way valve. If you set traps to get rid of squirrels, check them daily. You don’t want to leave a squirrel in a trap for longer than necessary. Squirrels in North […]

Rodent Removal in Raleigh-Durham

Raleigh might be one of the rattiest cities in the U.S., but the Triangle has several pest rodents that can cause havoc in your house. Rodents in Wake County Rodents make up the single largest group of mammals. Within the species diversity, all rodents have a single pair of incisors that continuously grow. To manage […]

Bat Removal in Raleigh

bat control

The most humane way to get rid of bats is to let them evict themselves. A bat valve allows bats to fly out of your attic but prevents them from returning. But there are restrictions in North Carolina on when you can install a bat valve.  Did you know we are at the beginning of […]

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