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Rat Droppings vs Mouse Droppings

Discovering mice or rat droppings in your home is, unfortunately, a common household problem that needs immediate attention. They gravitate to homes where they can find an easy, reliable source of food and water and a warm, safe place to nest, especially in climates where temperatures get cold in winter. Mice and rats are agile […]

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Wildlife Removal?

raccoon in yard

Watching a wild animal in your backyard can be quite the experience. Squirrels chasing each other through the trees is cute. Seeing a black bear wander on your property can be thrilling. Those wild animals can damage your property.  When something damages your house, homeowners check their insurance policy for coverage. In certain situations, your […]

How to Tell the Difference Between Rats and Mice

Mouse in a house

If you’re hearing strange scratching or scurrying noises in your walls, or perhaps have noticed some small droppings in the kitchen, laundry room, or basement, chances are your house is being enjoyed by rodents. But in order to determine how to resolve the issue, first you must know what you’re dealing with—mice or rats. Many […]

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