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Signs You Have a Raccoon Problem

One of the most common and damaging nuisance wildlife problems is a raccoon infestation. Raccoons are curious and resourceful and have adapted to thrive in an urban setting. They have a knack for finding their way into residential areas, often causing a host of problems for homeowners. From rummaging through trash cans to nesting in […]

Raccoon Crawling in Attic

The wildlife team in Orlando received a call from a concerned homeowner over strange noises. During the inspection, they found evidence a raccoon was in the attic.   The team set a raccoon trap and installed a camera to monitor the raccoon activity. It would appear we aren’t the only curious ones!

How do raccoons get into the attic?

raccoon in attic

Shelter, available food sources, and water can attract raccoons to your property. Once raccoons find a stable food source, they will look for safe shelter. Especially during the spring, female raccoons seek out safe places to give birth. The raccoon’s natural denning location is a hollow tree, and areas of your home like attics and […]

Raccoon Removal in Raleigh-Durham

raccoon sound growl

Raccoons thrive in every county in North Carolina. In fact, since 1987 evidence suggests the raccoon population is growing. Their preferred habitat has easy access to water, such as bottomland forests, hardwood swamps and marshes. Raccoons thrive near people because of increased shelter and food options in conjuction with less predation Raccoons in the Triangle […]

Unveiling the Damage Raccoons Cause to Homeowners

raccoon entry hole close up jacksonville fl

Perhaps more than any other animal, raccoons thrive in urban and semi-urban environments. There are several reasons for this. First, they are intelligent, which allows them to problem solve and adapt to an ever-changing environment. Second, they eat almost anything, as their well-documented habit of raiding trash cans illustrates. Third, they are nocturnal, which allows […]

Nuisance Wildlife in Jacksonville, Fl

It’s getting cooler down here in Florida, so we expect to start getting calls for animals getting into homes real soon. It never gets cold enough for animals to hibernate in Jacksonville, FL. Besides, the most common nuisance animals do not hibernate.  As the weather cools down, animals like squirrels and raccoons will look for […]

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Wildlife Removal?

raccoon in yard

Watching a wild animal in your backyard can be quite the experience. Squirrels chasing each other through the trees is cute. Seeing a black bear wander on your property can be thrilling. Those wild animals can damage your property.  When something damages your house, homeowners check their insurance policy for coverage. In certain situations, your […]

Raccoon in Attic in Flower Mound

raccoon in attic

A homeowner in Flower Mound heard loud thumping noises in the middle of the night. They investigated their attic and found dark, tubular droppings.  During our inspection, we found evidence of raccoon droppings and a raccoon den build in the insulation. If you look closely, you can spot the raccoon hiding between the rafters.  Why […]

How to Trap Raccoons in Jacksonville, FL

raccoon in attic

The increasing development in Jacksonville might actually benefit raccoons. Found throughout Florida, their natural habitat has plenty of trees and a reliable source of water. The range for raccoons is between one to three miles, but they can tolerate a reduction in territory if food is available. Incredibly adaptable, urbanization and agriculture provide ample food […]

Can Raccoons Climb?

Raccoons are excellent climbers. Their natural denning location is hollow trees, so it should come as no surprise.  Their long, dexterous fingers and sharp claws help them grip rough surfaces and grip onto branches and rocks. They also have flexible ankles and feet that allow them to rotate their hind feet to get a better grip. […]

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