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Can Raccoons Climb?

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Raccoons are excellent climbers. Their natural denning location is hollow trees, so it should come as no surprise. 

Their long, dexterous fingers and sharp claws help them grip rough surfaces and grip onto branches and rocks. They also have flexible ankles and feet that allow them to rotate their hind feet to get a better grip. Their thick, bushy tails are also used as a balancing aid while they climb.

Raccoons Climbing Trees

raccoons in tree in indiana

Can Raccoons Climb the Side of a House?

Yes, raccoons can climb up your house. 

Raccoons’ impressive climbing skills allow them to gain access to your roof and attic. They can scale most home materials and wooden and chain links fences are easily scalable. 

Raccoons can climb the walls of your house whether it’s vinyl siding, wood, or brick walls. They are much more likely to climb a tree to gain access to your roof. 

Raccoons cannot climb unweathered sheet metal and glass. Wrapping the corner of your house with sheet metal can prevent raccoons from climbing up to your roof. 

raccoons tracks on house signs of raccoon climbing

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