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Raccoon Removal in Euless, TX

A homeowner in Euless heard loud noises from his attic at night. Nocturnal creatures, raccoons are also incredibly vocal. Baby raccoons will call out constantly making noises like mewing, crying, and whining. During the inspection, we found a raccoon den with four baby raccoons.



Trutech Wildlife Technician, Brad, found the raccoon den in the attic with four baby raccoons. He was able to safely catch and remove the babies. The babies went to a local Fort Worth wildlife rehabilitator.

Once he ensured all raccoons were gone from the attic, he provided a whole home exclusion. Exclusion services prevent the animal from returning. For a raccoon, exclusion focuses on roof returns, gable vents, soffit vents, roof vents.

After the house was protected, we needed to clean up after the raccoon. We applied a sanitizing agent and used an ectoparasite treatment. Raccoons can introduce ectoparasites like feals, ticks, lice, and mites. The treatment gets rid of the ectoparasites so they don’t find you as their next host.