Bat Removal in Charleston, SC

Bat sneaking out of house

While you do not need a permit to remove a bat from a home in South Carolina, the most effective and humane means for bat removal is to trust a professional to install bat exclusion measures.  Bats in Attic in Charleston Signs of Bats South Carolina is home to fourteen bat species. All of them […]

Squirrel Removal in Charleston, SC

animal damage repair before and after

The best way to get rid of squirrels from your house is to exclude them. Squirrels try to get into your home for shelter, food, or water. If they can’t find a way into your home, you will repel squirrels. Squirrel Removal & Control This homeowner in Charleston noticed noises in their attic early in […]

Rat Control in Charleston

The best rat pest control in Charleston is exclusion. Sealing all entry points larger than nickel with galvanized steel or hardware cloth is the most effective way to keep rats out of your house.  Get Rid of Rats in Charleston A homeowner in Charleston found evidence of rats under their house. The drive-under house plan […]