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Squirrels in South Carolina

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Some of the more charming rodents we might come across on a daily basis, squirrels are bushy-tailed rodents that are found all throughout South Carolina.

Squirrels can be found year-round, though they are most active during the spring and summer months. Squirrels mate in late winter as well as in the spring/mid-summer, and their gestation period is about 4-6 weeks. Squirrels frequently nest in human structures to give birth to their young because they provide shelter and are almost always located near food sources.

Types of Squirrels in South Carolina

Eastern Gray Squirrel


Red squirrel on tree

American Red Squirrel

Fox Squirrel

Flying Squirrel

South Carolina is home to four types of squirrels. The most common species is the Eastern Gray Squirrel. Gray and red squirrels are found throughout the state. Fox squirrels are in the northwestern and south-central parts of the state. Red squirrels typically live in the upstate. 

Gray, red, and fox squirrels are active during the day, but flying squirrels are nocturnal. 

Squirrel Damage in South Carolina

Squirrels can cause a great deal of damage to both the interior and exterior of your home.

Squirrels’ damage usually comes from their chewing and gnawing. Squirrels can squeeze through a hole the size of a golf ball. Squirrels can chew through siding, wood, metal, and shingles to gain access to your attic. 

Once inside your home, squirrels damage attics by chewing wires, ripping up insulation and defecating in the attic.

Squirrels in Attics

Squirrel in Attic in Charleston

A squirrel’s problem goes beyond chewing. Building a nest is another way a squirrel damages your home.

A squirrel typically builds its nest with leaves, grass, moss, and shreds of bark. But once they’re in the attic, they’ll use materials like insulation for their nest.

Squirrels are well known for nesting in attics, as they provide a safe hideaway for squirrels to raise their young. The inside of an attic is also full of things for them to nibble and sharpen their ever-growing teeth on, like wood and insulation. 

When a squirrel chews the insulation on electrical wiring, the possibility of a house fire arises. 

Squirrels in Commercial Properties

Homeowners are not the only people to experience squirrel problems. Squirrels will look for shelter in every type of building. An office in Spartanburg had a squirrel break through the ceiling and scamper behind a computer. 

Let Trutech In. To Get Wildlife Out.

To effectively get rid of squirrels, the wildlife technician will employ a variety of tactics such as live trapping, one-way doors, deterrents, and direct capture. After removal, you need to seal all entry points to keep them out.

Trutech offers recurring programs to safely and humanely keep squirrels from causing a problem on your property. At the time of each service, we thoroughly inspect a property for any new damage or openings.

Squirrels can be very persistent. They are rodents, and they constantly need to chew in order to keep their teeth trimmed. Squirrels can chew through materials like wood, aluminum, plastic, and drywall. For this reason, it is important to maintain a squirrel-free home even after properly sealing a property. For guaranteed peace of mind solutions, call your Trutech Wildlife today.

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