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Are Bats Dangerous?

sleeping bat

Bats are some of the unsung heroes of the animal kingdom. They are the most significant predators of night-flying insects, consuming pests such as fruit flies, gnats, beetles, and mosquitos. Because of their small size and ultra-high metabolism, bats must consume a great deal of food for their size. Their appetite is so voracious that […]

Raccoon Crawling in Attic

The wildlife team in Orlando received a call from a concerned homeowner over strange noises. During the inspection, they found evidence a raccoon was in the attic.   The team set a raccoon trap and installed a camera to monitor the raccoon activity. It would appear we aren’t the only curious ones!

How do animals get into my home?

Your house is often warm and cozy places, so it’s no accident that animals wind up in our homes—like us, they need the warmth and shelter. Furthermore, your house has food and water sources, which makes them doubly appealing.  Homeowners might notice an animal infestation by hearing strange sounds from attics or walls, smelling strange odors, […]

How do raccoons get into the attic?

raccoon in attic

Shelter, available food sources, and water can attract raccoons to your property. Once raccoons find a stable food source, they will look for safe shelter. Especially during the spring, female raccoons seek out safe places to give birth. The raccoon’s natural denning location is a hollow tree, and areas of your home like attics and […]

Unveiling the Destructive Power of Rats in Your Home

Rats are some of the most common and most destructive pests that could infest your house. 12% of households have seen rats or mice in their house. Homeowners in these cities might experience more rats than the national average: Trutech’s Rattiest Cities Charleston Charlotte Cleveland Dallas–Fort Worth Greensboro Greenville-Spartanburg Kansas City Minneapolis Seattle Tampa-St. Petersburg […]

Are Squirrels Dangerous?

Squirrel on roof

Most of us see squirrels on a daily basis, and they usually scurry away whenever a human ventures too close. But is there ever a scenario where a squirrel will attack a human? The answer is yes. When Will Squirrels Attack? Although it is exceedingly rare, squirrels will attack humans. Usually, squirrels will flick their […]

Nuisance Wildlife in Jacksonville, Fl

It’s getting cooler down here in Florida, so we expect to start getting calls for animals getting into homes real soon. It never gets cold enough for animals to hibernate in Jacksonville, FL. Besides, the most common nuisance animals do not hibernate. As the weather cools down, animals like squirrels and raccoons will look for […]

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Wildlife Removal?

raccoon in yard

Watching a wild animal in your backyard can be quite the experience. Squirrels chasing each other through the trees is cute. Seeing a black bear wander on your property can be thrilling. Those wild animals can damage your property.  When something damages your house, homeowners check their insurance policy for coverage. In certain situations, your […]

Can I Keep It as a Pet?

Most of the animals we find in your attic, garage, or under your porch are objectively cute. You might feel tempted to try to take care of a squirrel or a raccoon. There’s a reason dogs and cats are the most popular pets. Animals like squirrels, raccoons, and opossums cannot be domesticated. Some individual animals […]

Bats in Tampa Bay, FL

bat on a tree

Florida is home to thirteen bats, and all of them eat insects. Residents in Tampa Bay can experience incredible benefits from bats on their property. One bat can consume up to 3,000 insects a night! Nursing bats can consume even more. Just because bats are beneficial, you shouldn’t open your home to them. Bats inside […]

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