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Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Wildlife Removal?

raccoon in yard

Watching a wild animal in your backyard can be quite the experience. Squirrels chasing each other through the trees is cute. Seeing a black bear wander on your property can be thrilling. Those wild animals can damage your property.  When something damages your house, homeowners check their insurance policy for coverage. In certain situations, your […]

Can I Keep It as a Pet?

Most of the animals we find in your attic, garage, or under your porch are objectively cute. You might feel tempted to try to take care of a squirrel or a raccoon. There’s a reason dogs and cats are the most popular pets. Animals like squirrels, raccoons, and opossums cannot be domesticated. Some individual animals […]

Bats in Tampa Bay, FL

bat on a tree

Florida is home to thirteen bats, and all of them eat insects. Residents in Tampa Bay can experience incredible benefits from bats on their property. One bat can consume up to 3,000 insects a night! Nursing bats can consume even more. Just because bats are beneficial, you shouldn’t open your home to them. Bats inside […]

Bats in Homes

roosting bats

Bats are not dangerous to people. In fact, they provide incredible value, and if you have bats in the house, they can go unnoticed. Bats are nocturnal, make little noises, and can consume thousands of mosquitoes a night. That doesn’t mean homeowners should ignore bats roosting in their house. Bats might not be threat, but […]

What Animal is in the Wall?

Few things are as unsettling—and annoying—as hearing strange sounds coming from one’s wall. Oftentimes, hearing noises in the wall is the first thing that tips homeowners off to the fact that they have a pest problem. Many animals seek out the voids behind walls to live, because they are warm, easily accessed, and provide protection […]

Can Raccoons Climb?

Raccoons are excellent climbers. Their natural denning location is hollow trees, so it should come as no surprise.  Their long, dexterous fingers and sharp claws help them grip rough surfaces and grip onto branches and rocks. They also have flexible ankles and feet that allow them to rotate their hind feet to get a better grip. […]

How to Get Rid of Groundhogs

Groundhogs are a large species of rodent found exclusively in North America. They have long been known to be a terrible nuisance for farmers, due to their well-documented habit of devouring a wide variety of crops. In addition, as burrowing animals, their tunnels can wreck yards and undermine foundations. Because of all of this, a […]

Is that bat poop? How to identify bat guano

sleeping bat

Bat droppings, known as guano, are small and dark in coloration. The elongated pellets are crumbly and turn to dust when touched. Finding bat guano is a sure sign of a bat infestation.  You can find deposits of guano accumulating within walls and attics as well as on the ground and roof tiles. The nutrient-rich […]

Commercial Wildlife Control for Retail Shops

Nuisance wildlife can cost you – in repairs, reputation and, in some cases, regulatory fines and penalties. You can’t afford to let a wildlife invasion damage your business. We understand. Our fast response time and expertise ensure that your animal problem is handled efficiently and effectively. In addition, we are discreet. The presence of snakes, […]

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