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Does Trutech offer residential and commercial wildlife control?

Residential and Commercial services

Video Transcript Where your home is new construction or over 100 years old, from inner cities to rural areas,  whether you are manufacturing company or a mom and pop restaurant, Trutech takes on all wildlife service issues and makes sure these animal do not return. 

What are the dangers of having an animal in the attic?

Video Transcript What are the dangers of having an animal in your attic? Not only can an animal bring stress into your life, but they maybe causing structural damage to your home such as damage soffit outside. They may chew on wires or pipes in your attic space or crawlspace. And unfortunately a lot of […]

Why should I choose Trutech Wildlife Service?

Video Transcript Why should I choose Trutech Wildlife Service? The reason you should chose Trutech Wildlife Service is that we specialize in identifying active and potential entry points for animals to gain access into your home. We’ve been successfully performing this work for almost 40years. All of our employees go through an extensive background check […]

How much does wildlife removal cost?

Video Transcript How much does wildlife removal cost? Well, each home and each wildlife issue is unique. There’s a number of factors that go into determining what that cost may be from safety risks involved, size of the property, what species of animal we’re dealing, or how many animals we’re dealing with. After an inspection […]

What Should I Expect When I Call Trutech Wildlife?

Video Transcript What Should I Expect When I Call Trutech Wildlife? When you call Trutech Wildlife Service, a customer care specialist will connect you with one of our local inspectors. After a thorough interior and exterior inspection of your property, our inspector will sit down with you to review their findings. We will create a […]

What Makes a Trutech Tech Different?

Trutech tech on ladder safely

Video Transcript What Makes a Trutech Tech Different from Other Wildlife Removal Techs? The thing that makes a Trutech Wildlife Service technician different from another wildlife service technician is that we are very relationship focused company. Our goal is to be the hero that removes the stressful situation from your life so that you can […]

How Do I Prevent Wildlife From Entering My Home?

Video Transcript How Do I Prevent Wildlife from Entering My Home? You can prevent wildlife from entering your home primarily through habitat modification. Removing food, water, and shelter from the property makes it less habitable for the animals.  Secondly, you can call on a wildlife service professional that will specialize in identifying potential entry points […]

Why is there an animal in my house?

Video Transcript Why are there animals in your home? The primary reason that drives animals into a structure is because a population already exists outside. Now that population may have grown unchecked and unchallenged for too long which forces these animals to seek food, water, and shelter in areas that may be outside their realm […]

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