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Birds in the Attic

Birds on roof

Birds need food, water, and shelter to survive. Homes that offer access to any of these are at risk for bird infestations. If you hear strange noises and smell strong odors from your attic, ask yourself, “Do I have a bird in my attic?” Also, learn about birds and their behaviors to recognize the problem […]

How to Deal With Nuisance Wildlife During the Holiday Season

Deer mouse in a yard

The holiday season is here! As you prepare for the holiday season, we want to help you keep unwelcome guests from attending your family celebrations. Like humans, animals need shelter to survive. Because attics and basements are rarely used by us, they are ideal spaces of shelter for animals during the colder months. Believe it or not, […]

6 Tips to Prevent Squirrels from Your Home

Squirrel in the yard

Squirrels only start to wear out their welcome when the population becomes overly large, or if they make their way into your home. If you have a large number of squirrels on your property, it’s simply because your yard provides access to food, water, shelter, or some combination of the three. The first step to  […]

How to Get Rid of Raccoons

Raccoon in a yard

Raccoons are usually gray with black and white markings. The most common way that raccoons are identified are by their bushy, striped tails and mask-like band of black fur under their eyes. Raccoons are skilled survivors and have adapted to a variety of habitats. They’re often found near water in wooded areas and backyards. In areas […]

Seven Signs of an Animal in Attic

Since they’re warm and often undisturbed by humans, attics make great nesting options for many unwanted critters. Most often these pests seek shelter in attics to survive harsh weather during winter or raise young during the spring. The most common animals that live in an attic are raccoons, squirrels, bats, mice, and rats. Getting rid […]

How to Get Rid of Rats in Tampa

Rats in a house

Rats are the most common pest animals people have to deal with in Tampa Bay. You can find Norway rats, woodrats, and roof rats (AKA palm rats), but the most common pest are palm rats.  Evidence of a Rat Probelm Rats do not discriminate when it comes to real estate. They’ll choose any home type, […]

Top 20 Critters Found in the Southeast

Armadillo walking in a yard

Are you familiar with the wildlife around you? Many property owners do not realize what critters live amongst them until a problem arises. Let us explore what critters you can expect to see if you live amongst North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, or Florida. 20 Most Common Nuisance Animals in the Southeast 1. Armadillos2. Bats3. Birds4. Stinging Insects5. Squirrels6. Flying Squirrels7. Mice and Rats8. Moles9. Mosquitos10. Opossums 11. Raccoons12. Snakes13. Gophers14. Nutria15. Cane […]

Protecting Your Pets From Wild Animals In Your Yard

Coyote in a yard

An animal inside your home should always be handled immediately. But when you are dealing with wildlife in your yard, it is difficult to know how (or even if you should) to solve the nuisance. If you have a pet that goes into your yard, you need to protect your pet from the wild animal. […]

What To Do When A Skunk Sprays Your Pet

Skunks near a property

Skunks are among the most widespread and common mammals in the United States, and the population is growing in most states. Skunks have adapted to live among people because of the abundance of shelter and food. A skunk’s range is around four miles, but most skunks don’t travel more than a mile foraging at night. […]

Jacksonville Norway Rat Control

Norway rat near water

Recently, a Jacksonville homeowner called us because she heard noises under her floors. After a thorough inspection, we found evidence of Norway rats in her crawlspace. During the rat inspection, we found rat feces and evidence of rat activity like gnaw marks on PVC pips. NORWAY RAT CONTROL IN JACKSONVILLE Rats’ teeth never stop growing. Rats constantly gnaw and […]

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