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Opossum Removal in Tampa Bay

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How Do You Get Rid of an Opossum?

Opossums in Tampa Bay usually stay closer to the ground, but this little guy found his way into an attic. Typically for opossum removal, we set a cage trap. In this situation, we were able to catch the opossum without a cage.

Opossums are skilled climbers. They can scale overhanging tree branches or power lines and gain access to rooftops. Unlike raccoons and rodents, opossums are not strong enough to create their own entrance so they have to find holes to get into your house.

Opossums usually get into yards and gardens. Opossums do not dig their own burrow but use abandoned ones. You can also find opossums dens in tree cavities, brush piles, rock crevices, under porches or sheds, and in garages.

Should I Get Rid of an Opossom in My Yard?

Opossums are opportunistic omnivores and can be a benefit in your yard.  Their diet includes insects, ticks, small rodents, frogs, and birds. In residential neighborhoods, opossums forage for vegetables, fruits, garbage, birdseed, and pet food. 

The opossum diet changes slightly depending on the season. For example, opossums eat a lot of insects in the summer while they mostly consume small mammals in the winter.

Opossom Control

If you see an opossum in your yard, your best course of action is to ignore it! Transient critters, it will leave probably leave your yard in two to three days. Homeowners usually consider them a nuisance when they get into garbage, bird feeders, and pet food.

If an opossum creates dens under or in your home, it does need to be removed. While not dangerous to people, opossums aren’t the best guests. Opossums in attic spaces also keep residents awake by creating loud scratching sounds at night. Opossums can introduce ticks, lice, and fleas into the attic and the rest of the house.

To prevent the presence of opossums in the house, property owners should remove food sources and secure attractive denning sites.

  • Enclose areas under decks and patios with mesh wire.
  • Bring outdoor pet food inside overnight
  • Trimming back overhanging tree branches will also make it harder for opossums to access roofs and attics.
  • Secure garbage bins with tightly fitting lids to take away easy access to food sources. Securely fasten windows and seal gaps in exterior walls. 

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