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How to Get Rid of Armadillos

Nine-banded armadillos thrive in warmer regions across the United States, especially in the southeast and southwest. They are known for their hard-scaled armor and clawed toes used for digging. These unique creatures are relatively harmless. The greatest risk they pose is digging up your yard and garden. 

Armadillo Holes

Armadillos dig for grubs, worms, and other underground creatures. They also dig burrows big enough for them to crawl into to sleep. The burrows can grow to be extensive. Their burrows can become dangerous when they extend under your home.

Armadillo Control

Trapping an armadillo takes skill and training. They are predictable, and when searching for food tend to ignore their surroundings. A cage trap with a constructed funnel is effective to catch an armadillo. 

Fortifying foundations and erecting barriers is one of the most effective ways to control armadillos. They have strong front legs with sharp claws that are ideal for digging. 

In Charleston, we installed dig defence around an A/C unit. If you look closely, you can see the armadillo holes around the unit. The barrier kept the armadillo from digging under the unit.

Once the armadillo has been removed, you should make your yard less attractive. Remove brush piles so animals have less coverage. Clean up any potential food sources. In hotter climates, water the ground early. The sun will dry the soil making it harder to dig. 

barrier to prevent armadillos

Armadillo Habitats

Armadillos stay in the Southern part of the United States because they cannot survive freezing temperatures. Armadillos dig searching for food and create burrows to escape the cold. If the ground is frozen, they can do neither. 

Armadillos are a nuisance for homeowners in cities like Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando, Savannah, Fort Worth, and Dallas. As you get closer to Kansas City and Richmond, armadillos become almost non-existent. 

Trust the Wildlife Experts

We do not recommend trying to catch an armadillo. You might be able to capture one, but it could be dangerous. Armadillos thrash their legs when picked up. Their strong digging claws can cause injuries. If you do trap an armadillo, different states have different regulations regarding release and relocation.