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Why Are There Holes in My Backyard?

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Have you noticed damages stemming from burrowing activities on your property?

If so, the next step is to identify the burrowing animals to pursue the appropriate removal method.  Let’s explore the most common burrowing animals, how to identify them, and how to get rid of them.

The simplest way to identify the animal is by the diameter of the hole and the time of year. 

Animal Hole Identification Table

Animal Hole Diameter

Hole Depth

Time of Year Active
Prairie Dogs1 to 2 in12 inSummer
Groundhogs1.25 – 1.5 inc8 to 12 inchesSummer
Moles2 in24 inSummer
Voles2 in12 -23 inSummer
Armadillos2.5-3.5 inc72 inSummer
Chipmunks2-4 inches18 inchesSummer
Ground Squirrels3.9-11.8in12-20 FtSummer
Norway Rat4 in24-36 inSummer
Skunk Holes4 inches36-48 inSummer
Skunk Burrow7 to 8 inches60 inSummer
Gophers10-12 in72 inSummer
Rabbits8 inches24 inSummer

Unsure what animal is causing the problem?

Dirt Mounds

Some animals create dirt mounds when digging. Groundhogs, moles, and gophers all create extensive burrow systems. Each species creates mounds of dirt near the entrance to the tunnels.

You can identify the animal by the appearance of their dirt mounds. 

Mole Mound (Molehill)

  • Circular shaped from above
  • Resembles volcano from side
  • Plug might not be distinct

Groundhog Mound

  • Crescent-shaped mount
  • Fresh dirt mound in front of the main entrance
  • Located near trees or fences

Gopher Mound

  • Fresh Soil
  • Crescent- or horse-shoe shaped from above
  • Plugged hole

Professional Wildlife Yard Control

Trying to get rid of animals digging up your yard can be time and resource-intensive. It is impractical to exclude your entire yard or property from digging animals. 

You need to know which entrance the animal is using and when the animal is active for effective control. You shouldn’t wait for the animal to move on. Raccoons, skunks, foxes, and opossums will use other animal burrows to den. 

Trutech Wildlife Service has the tools and experience to effectively protect your yard from digging pest animals. 

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