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Woodpecker Damage to House

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Woodpeckers drill holes with their beaks in wooden structures for a number of reasons. Houses with wooden exteriors present ideal surfaces for drumming, feeding, and nesting.

Woodpecker Pecking at House

The architecture of many homes within the Greater Tampa utilizes Styrofoam providing woodpeckers with an easy material to peck at to create nesting holes.

Woodpecker Control

The key to successful woodpecker control is to act as soon as problem behavior starts and to keep up the remedy until the birds relocate. Anything less and the behavior will become habit, which is much harder to control. As migratory, nongame birds, woodpeckers are protected by the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act. That limits what can be done to deter woodpeckers.

When you want to eliminate these nuisance birds, we can install deterrents like  motion-detector sound machine and predator decoys to ward them off. If necessary, we will install netting at least three inches away from your home to prevent drilling.

To keep woodpeckers from pecking or drumming, homeowners can attempt to cover surfaces with mesh, metal, or cloth. After the bird has been controlled, we can repair the damage. 


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