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Snake Lifespan

Snake lifespan can vary depending on the animal’s species. For some types of snakes, living in a natural habitat versus under human care affects longevity.

How long do snakes live?

There are many factors that impact how long snakes live. In the wild, predators, climate, availability of prey, and other factors affect the average snake’s lifespan.

  • Garter snakes – This species often survives for twenty years in captivity but averages only two in the wild.
  • Brown snakes – While they often die young in nature, brown snakes can live up to seven years.
  • Eastern hognose snake – The eastern hognose snake lifespan is about eleven years.
  • Kingsnakes – These reptiles survive an average of five years in nature, but some live for over thirty years when captive.
  • Black racers – This snake’s lifespan averages about a decade regardless of setting.
  • Southern copperhead – The pests can survive in the wild for around fifteen years, but their life expectancy doubles in captivity.


Maturity in the Snake Lifecycle

Reproductive maturity usually occurs between one and four years of age within a snake’s lifespan. Some species, like the black rat snake, mature between ages seven and nine. This is when snakes begin giving birth or laying eggs.

Snake Eggs

Most snakes lay eggs, but about 30 percent give birth to live young. Snake eggs lie on the ground and need to incubate, which is why most of these reptiles live in warmer climates. Live snake births are more common in colder regions.

Snake eggs have a leathery shell and are usually a white or pale cream color. The pests can lay up to 20 to 30 eggs at a time, and young typically hatch within three months. Compost piles, mulch, and dry or rotting wood are common egg-laying sites.

In yards, snakes are harmless in small numbers and may even control rodents. However, at any point in a snake’s lifespan, this pest could become a problem for residents.

While they do not cause property damage, snakes often hide in debris or brush. When disturbed, the pests may strike. Venomous snakes that come indoors looking for food and shelter may also endanger residents. The professionals at Trutech have the expertise to handle any snake problems safely.

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