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Bats in Kansas City

bat roosting on rafter in attic

Kansas is home to fifteen species of bats, and all of them are insectivores.  Bats in Attic in Kansas City Bats in Kansas naturally roost in leaves of trees, in caves, or under loose tree bark. Bats have adapted to roost inside or around buildings. Attic spaces are ideal roosting spots for bats in Kansas […]

Stinging Insects in Kansas City

Whether it’s stumbling upon a massive nest and fleeing from a cloud of angry yellow jackets, or a harrowing trip to the hospital following an allergic reaction to a sting, it seems like almost everyone has a horrific bee or wasp-related story to tell. While it can sometimes seem that stinging insects have it out […]

Bird Control in Overland Park, KS

bird nest in gutter

You’ll likely notice signs of a bird’s nest along grooves in your roof, within your chimney, or in cracks in your siding. Although you may be hesitant to call a wildlife control company in Overland Park, it’s essential to consider these services. Bird droppings can carry histoplasmosis, which can have negative effects on the lungs. […]

Squirrels on Roof in Olathe, KS

Squirrel on roof

Squirrels might be adorable when scampering about the yard, but they quickly lose their charm when living within a home’s walls or attic. Squirrels are energetic and nimble creatures that excel at climbing and leaping. And like most nuisance pests, they’ve become accustomed to living amongst people because as urban and suburban areas grow, their […]

Squirrels in Kansas City

Squirrels are plentiful in Kansas City parks and backyards. Native squirrel species include the gray squirrel, the fox squirrel, and the southern flying squirrel. You will likely notice squirrel problems in Kansas City in late spring/early summer or winter. Squirrels enter homes to find suitable shelter to give birth or to find shelter from Kansas […]

How to Get Rid of Beehive in Ceiling


Bees build hives in dry, protective cavities like old rodent burrows, under brush piles, under structures, and sometimes bird houses. If a bee colony can find an entry point, wall cavities, ceilings, and attics, you need to remove. The bees pose a sting threat to anyone near. The honey and the combs can attract additional […]

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