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Squirrels on Roof in Olathe, KS

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Squirrels might be adorable when scampering about the yard, but they quickly lose their charm when living within a home’s walls or attic. Squirrels are energetic and nimble creatures that excel at climbing and leaping. And like most nuisance pests, they’ve become accustomed to living amongst people because as urban and suburban areas grow, their habitats shrink. So when they need a warm, secure place to nest for the winter and raise their young, homes become a common choice of residence.

Squirrel Damage

Many people are unaware that squirrels are rodents. The four teeth at the front of their mouths continue to grow throughout their lives, so their teeth don’t get worn out from chewing on the hard shells of the nuts and acorns they eat. These same teeth make it possible for them to gnaw through almost any material a house is constructed from.

In Kansas, we have seen squirrel damage to a variety of roofing materials.

This aluminum roof was damaged from squirrel gnawing all around its edge. The squirrel was not able to chew through the metal roof, but it still damaged it. 

Natural materials like wood or cedar shake provide little resistance to a squirrel. 

Squirrels in Attic Removal

Once through your roof, your attic provides excellent shelter for squirrels. Squirrels can be a problem any time of the year, but the most likely time you’ll experience a squirrel problem is during harsh winter weather and their breeding seasons.

Squirrels in Kansas can have two breeding seasons. One is in mid to late winter and the second one is in early summer. Female squirrels will look for a safe place to give birth in early spring and fall. 

Whether escaping winter conditions or creating a nest to raise their young, squirrels will damage your attic. Soiled or damaged insulation and frayed wires were clear signs of a squirrel infestation in this Kansas City metro home. 

The most effective way to get rid of squirrels in your attic is to use a cage trap or a one-way door. 

Squirrel Control in Olathe

Squirrel exclusions provide long-term, chemical-free squirrel control. Squirrels only need a gap of 1.5 inches to gain entry. Roofs are one of the most vulnerable areas of your home to nuisance animal entry points. Some of the most typical squirrel entry points in Kansas City metro include soffits, roof returns, vents, and chimneys. 

Before - Uncovered Roof Vents

Unprotected roof vents provide little resistance from squirrels and raccoons.

After- Roof Vent Covered

Squirrels can gnaw through many different materials. We used galvanized steel vent covers to keep them out. As an added bonus, these covers should prevent rats, raccoons, and bats.

Get Rid of Squirrels in Olathe, KS

To effectively get rid of squirrels, the wildlife technician will employ a variety of tactics such as live trapping, one-way doors, deterrents, and direct capture. After removal, you need to seal all entry points to keep them out.

Trutech offers recurring programs to safely and humanely keep squirrels from causing a problem on your property. At the time of each service, we thoroughly inspect a property for any new damage or openings.

Squirrels can be very persistent. They are rodents, and they constantly need to chew in order to keep their teeth trimmed. Squirrels can chew through materials like wood, aluminum, plastic, and drywall. For this reason, it is important to maintain a squirrel-free home even after properly sealing a property. For guaranteed peace of mind solutions, call your Trutech Wildlife Professional today.

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