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Wildlife We Remove in San Antonio, TX

You might experience some unique animals in San Antonio. San Antonio sits between a few different Texas regions. It is close to the imaginary line that separates Central and South Texas. The region has elements of Texas Hill Country, Blackland Prairies, and South Texas Plains. The variety of habitats allows for a variety of animals to live here. 

Ringtails and peacocks are some of the more unique wildlife found in Bexar County. The diverse ecosystems support a range of animals like eight species of bats, both venomous and non-venomous snakes, and over 150 species of birds in Phil Hardberger Park

The climate is humid subtropical that borders semi-arid. You’re most likely to notice nuisance wildlife in your home during the spring and fall. The hot summers generally drive any animals out of your attic.  The mild winter allows animals to be active nearly year-round.

Animals typically enter homes looking for food, water, or shelter. This is especially true when females give birth.  Trutech Wildlife Service provides premier wildlife control services near you in San Antonio and the surrounding area. 

Common Nuisance Wildlife

San Antonio Wildlife Removal Services

Our wildlife experts are dedicated to the safe, humane removal of all nuisance animals from residential and commercial properties in San Antonio, including squirrels, bats, raccoons, snakes, and more. Different species require different techniques and tools to humanely remove them There is no one-size-fits-all solution; each job requires a custom approach. We inspect every home and build a custom plan to resolve any wildlife problems. Here’s what to expect when working with Trutech:

Step 1: Inspection

When a Trutech technician arrives at your home, we will start by asking questions about your experience with the nuisance wildlife at hand. Once we have a firm grasp on the issues the property owner is facing, a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior of the home begins. This includes looking at the attic, crawlspace, roof, and any possible entry points. Since each species and home is different, the length of the inspection can vary. It can take between 30 minutes to 3 hours to accurately evaluate the extent of the wildlife nuisance issue.

Step 2: The Plan

With the results of the inspection, we share our findings with you. And share how we will solve the problem for you. Although each wildlife control plan is unique to the home, it may include live trapping, direct capture, one-way doors, or deterrents. Before any work begins, we make sure that you are comfortable with the steps being taken to resolve the nuisance wildlife issue.

Step 3: Get To Work

If you approve of the plan, we will set up a time to put it into place. After the animal removal has taken place, we will repair any damage caused by the critter. Additionally, we will apply sanitizing and ectoparasite agents to the affected areas. Once the plan is executed, your home will be returned to its normal condition.

Step 4: Full Home Exclusion

Wildlife removal is just one part of the plan. Many plans include wildlife control measures to prevent any future problems. This is often completed by installing a full home exclusion. The goal is to create physical barriers to prevent animals from entering your home in the future. A few possible exclusion techniques include gable vents, ridge vents, crawlspace vents, roof returns, and plumbing stacks. With the appropriate exclusions in place, you can rest easy knowing that a long-term solution is in place to protect your home from nuisance wildlife.

Guarantee and Warranty

Once installed, Trutech offers a one-year warranty on full home exclusions. Plus, there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the initial work, Trutech will send out a service manager to inspect the work completed and make any necessary adjustments.
Trutech technician inspecting the outside of a property

Wildlife problem? Let us take care of it

Common Wildlife in San Antonio

Skunk Removal

San Antonio residents are more likely to come across striped skunks than other species. This variety has two white stripes running along its back. Often found near water or along streams, the hooded skunk has similar markings but is characterized by its soft, long fur.

In San Antonio, skunks typically invade your yard in search of food and a safe place to burrow. Sheds and porches make ideal locations for a skunk to burrow. Those burrows become a serious problem if a skunk digs under the foundation of your home.

Because they prefer dark places, people and pets can unexpectedly discover a skunk only to get sprayed. If you suspect a skunk, do not try to trap it yourself. Not only do skunks carry rabies, but you are also likely to get sprayed. Removing food supplies is one of the most effective ways to prevent a skunk from entering your property.

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels are active during the day so you might hear squealing, running, or gnawing early in the morning.

The most common methods used are live trapping, one-way doors, deterrent, and direct capture. We do not directly capture adult squirrels as they move too quickly and fit in very small spaces. 

Our experts can choose between safe and humane trapping, like with one-way doors, or if a squirrel is stuck, they may use safety tools for removal. Avoiding direct capture is a primary goal unless there are babies to remove.

After squirrel removal, we seal all entry points larger than a dime. We suggest trimming all trees away from your home and removing bird feeders. 

Raccoon Removal

In San Antonio, raccoons are urbanized nuisances. Raccoons create dens in safe places like hollowed trees, chimneys, and attics to give birth. Raccoon mating season is from mid to late summer. So the most likely time to experience a raccoon problem starts late summer. Juvenile raccoons will stay with their mother up to a year.

Raccoons can wreak havoc trying to gain entry to your home and cause significant damage creating a den in your attic. They can cause a mess of garbage and destroy home gardens and bird feeders. Because they are nocturnal, you’ll most likely hear a loud thumbing at night if you have an attic.

Raccoons are typically removed using safe and humane traps, following local and state regulations. Direct capture is avoided whenever possible due to the potential for being bitten or scratched.

Snake Removal

There are both venomous and non-venomous snakes in Bexar County. Rattlesnakes are a common sight in Texas (over 100 species in Texas), and they may occasionally slither their way into your home.  Fortunately, snakes usually strike only when threatened. Snakes are elusive and avoid detection.

Signs of a snake in your house include droppings and shredded snakeskin. 

Seal cracks and holes in home foundations to reduce the possibility of snakes entering. Remove hiding places and potential food sources by taking actions like maintaining lawns, storing wood piles off the ground and in sheds or barns, sealing trash bins with fitted lids, and cleaning clutter from basements and attics.

Bat Removal

Bats in San Antonio are a big deal. The world’s largest bat colony is just north of the city in Bracken Caves, where an astonishing 20 million of these animals are estimated to roost. Texas bills itself as the country’s battiest state, with 32 of the 47 domestic species living here.

With such large numbers of bats in San Antonio, a colony of bats in your attic can cause problems. The accumulation of guano can weaken the structure of your home and cause respiratory diseases.

Bats are protected by federal and state regulations. It is illegal to kill bats with chemicals, and you should not exclude bats during the maternity season. The maternity season usually lasts from spring to late summer.

Once the young can survive on their own, the wildlife technician seals the entry points (bats need only a small gap of three-eighths of an inch in diameter to gain access to attics) and installs a bat valve. Once the valve is installed, your house will be bat-free in 3-7 days.

Rodent Pest Control

Mice and rats are among the most common animals that invade your home. These animals can crawl in and out of tiny holes, allowing them to travel throughout any building undetected. They also breed quickly, which leads to uncontrolled rapid population growth. There can be dozens of mice crawling through the house before you discover the first one.

Rats and mice destroy property, spread diseases, and contaminate the food that you consume daily. To eliminate these rodents, you need to wipe out the entire population at once. This might require using various traps and bait in multiple areas throughout your home or business. You may also need follow-up inspections to ensure that the animals have not returned to your home.


Who We Are

When you encounter unwanted wildlife in your home or business it is important to resolve the problem quickly and professionally. At Trutech®, our expert technicians and specialists have over 100 years of combined experience in the wildlife removal industry.

We know how to protect you and your family from the hazards of wildlife in your home or place of business.

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Wildlife problem? Let us take care of it

“I am a customer of Trutech and I just wanted to tell you that you have a very dedicated and knowledgeable technician in Ansley Sherlock. We had a difficult rat problem and she has worked tirelessly to help us. She is friendly and pleasant. I know that she will succeed in getting rid of our rats. She is patient and answers all our questions. We definitely will recommend your company to anyone who needs your services.”
“Dear Trutech, yesterday happened just like you promised! You had told me that if I saw a snake on our property again to call you any day or any time because that’s the best time to catch them – that is, soon after they’re spotted. You sent Alfred Burns right away and Nick Yohn, D.M. arrived, shortly thereafter. Removing that 65″ snake from our yard was a great relief for my wife and me. You have kept every promise you’ve made and you have provided great customer service at every step.”

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no one-size-fits-all solution; each job requires a custom approach. We inspect every home and build a custom plan to resolve any wildlife problems. We use a variety of techniques including cage traps, direct capture, one-way valves,  and deterrents. Exclusion techiques are the most effective way to get rid of animals. 

We provide customized solutions to each individual customer so that we may solve the issue as quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively as possible. The size of the house, type of animal, number of nuisance animals, and length of time of infestation affect the estimated price of wildlife removal.

An estimate may change based on the amount of animal activity or work needed to be done. All estimates are finalized with an exact price before any work begins.

Our goal is to remove any wildlife as humanely as possible — often that means catching and releasing the animal.

Trutech® does not hire subcontractors for animal removal services. We employ expert technicians who are provided ongoing education and training in all aspects of animal control and removal. Many of our technicians hold degrees in Wildlife Biology, Entomology (insects), Ornithology (birds) or Herpetology (reptiles), some with Masters degrees in their specialty field.

Yes! We are licensed and insured.

We start by first removing the wildlife on your property, and cleaning up any damage. From there we’ll work with you to create a customized prevention plan so you won’t have the same issue again.

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