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They sing sweet songs and can fly hundreds of miles across the sky. But, birds are common critters across most of the United States. Because they are so prevalent, these creatures can create a real nuisance for homeowners like yourself. Birds are known to cause damage by building nests or leaving droppings in your home or attic. Birds can also carry insects like fleas, mites, and lice on their wings that can be spread if they make their way into your home. Once they have entered your home, these flying creatures can be difficult to get rid of. When you notice birds on your property or in your yard or garage, you know that it is time to call the wildlife management experts at Trutech.

Trutech is your go-to source for bird control and bird removal services. We have a team of professionals on staff that is dedicated to servicing all of your wildlife maintenance needs, big or small. When you call Trutech, you can guarantee that the entire Trutech team is there for you. Trutech’s effective and humane bird control services ensure that the birds causing damage to your property are removed safely and efficiently.

Our specialists care about the well-being of the animals around your home as well as the well-being of your property. Our team of professionals knows what is needed to conduct a proper bird removal. With the help of Trutech’s licensed technicians and specialists, you can guarantee that your home is protected from damage caused by birds for many months to come.

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Although species vary in size and color, birds typically have the same shape. Common features include two wings, two legs, and beaks that assist with food acquisition. Covered in feathers, birds are often seen flying through the air, nesting high in trees, and rummaging for food on the ground.


Different bird species favor different foodstuffs, though most avian diets are similar in overall content. For example, crows deplete apple harvests by leaving triangular damage holes on the crops, robins eat cherries and grapes, and flocks of the invasive European starling are particularly detrimental to yields of small fruits. Birds also eat seeds, insects, and worms, while predators like owls feed on small mammals and even other birds. Larger predatory birds feed on fish and snakes, as well.


Birds inhabit several different climates and regions, and many species migrate at the onset of cold weather. Species found in the western hemisphere regularly travel from North America to South America for the winter and then return as spring begins. Some species of birds prefer to live in close proximity to humans, while others keep their distance. Pigeons, house finches, and crows are often seen inside city limits, while eagles, herons, and woodpeckers are mostly found in wilder habitats.




Favorable bird living conditions include prime nesting locations, cover from predators, abundance of food sources, and nearby water. As many residential areas offer most, if not all, of these features, birds frequently take up residence on private properties. House eaves, chimneys, gutters, and rooftops all serve as excellent nesting sites. It is rare for birds to enter buildings, and most avian home invasions occur when windows or doors are left open.



In addition to crop destruction, birds damage property with their droppings. Their chirping and mating calls, which can start early and last through the day, are also considered bothersome. Some birds of prey such as hawks target small pets as food. Additionally, wood-boring birds like woodpeckers can cause extensive damage to buildings with their intense foraging techniques.



Various methods exist to deter birds from ruining crop productions. Farmers and gardeners can employ protective netting, which restricts unwanted bird pests’ access to crops. Frightening devices can be effective, as well. To inhibit bird activity around manmade structures, individuals can cover favorite roosting areas with spikes. Caution should be exercised in order to avoid legal repercussions as some species are protected under local, state, or federal laws.



Call Trutech for any bird problems. Managing problematic avian populations can be difficult without the right equipment and expertise. Trutech pest professionals are experts and offer the best pest control services available. Save both time and money by calling our technicians at the onset of unwanted bird activity.

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QUESTION: Hello, I am looking for bird control services at a hangar by the Wilmington International Airport. I would like to know if you would be able to provide your services and, if so, what you could offer and pricing. Thank you. –Wilmington, NC


Bird control services are certainly something we can assist you with. In order to properly mitigate your specific issue, we will first need to identify the species and scope of work necessary with a thorough inspection. From there, we will design a custom plan tailored to your needs, not only immediate but also long-term. Depending on species and associated legalities, this could include removal, population control, sealing the birds out, devices to discourage the birds, and any other methods we choose to employ.

QUESTION: I’m having problems with cats killing birds and taking them under my trailer. Can you do anything about dead bird removal? –Las Vegas, NV ANSWER: We can definitely resolve an issue of dead birds under your home. The first part of the solution is the removal of the bird’s remains and sanitization of the underside of your home. Then we will also provide a more comprehensive and long-term solution for the thru exclusion of the animals from under the building. It sounds like we might need to do some repairs at the ground level to keep animals out.