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Sparrow Removal

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Sparrow in a tree

Sparrow Removal Strategies

Sparrows are a species of small birds common across the United States. Because of their wide range, sparrows can create a real nuisance for homeowners like yourself. Most species of birds, including sparrows, are known to cause damage by building nests or leaving droppings in your home or attic. Sparrows can carry insects like fleas, mites, and lice on their wings that can be spread if they make their way into your home. Once they have entered your home, these flying creatures can be difficult to get rid of. When you notice sparrows on your property or in your yard or garage, you know that it is time to call the wildlife management experts at Trutech.

Trutech is your go-to source for sparrow control and sparrow removal services. We have a team of professionals on staff that is dedicated to servicing all of your wildlife maintenance needs, big or small. When you call Trutech, you can guarantee that the entire Trutech team is there for you. Trutech’s effective and humane sparrow control services ensure that the birds causing damage to your property are removed safely and efficiently.

Our specialists care about the well-being of the animals around your home as well as the well-being of your property. Our team of professionals knows what is needed to conduct a proper bird removal. With the help of Trutech’s licensed technicians and specialists, you can guarantee that your home is protected from damage caused by birds for many months to come.

Sparrow Problem

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Dangers of Sparrow Infestation

Sparrows are considered nuisances by most homeowners and can cause considerable damage. The pests feed on stored grains and crops, potentially contaminating them with droppings and feathers. When they are near humans, sparrows can also spread various diseases, including coccidiosis, Newcastle disease, salmonellosis, and toxoplasmosis. These pests and their nests are home to various parasites as well, such as bed bugs, lice, and ticks.


Humane Sparrow Removal & Control Strategies

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Entry into property

Since sparrow populations thrive around human activity, it is common to see the pests around yards. As they prefer to nest in, on, or near buildings, common locations for sparrows to build their homes include vents, louvers, window-mounted air conditioners, and ivy growing on exterior walls.

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Trapping & Removal

While store-bought traps for sparrows exist, many prove ineffective over time due to the sheer number of the pests in any given area. Nest removal can also help deter them from returning over time. Ultimately, the most effective way to completely remove sparrows from the property is to contact the trained pest removal specialists at Trutech.

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Prevention & Exclusion

In order to keep sparrows away, screen any openings or vents with wire mesh. Modifying areas where the pests would typically roost may also be effective. Most frightening devices and repellents are not useful against sparrows.

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