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Magpie Removal

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Magpie in a tree

Magpie Removal Strategies

Magpies, which are in the same family as crows and ravens, are incredibly adaptive and intelligent creatures. These black and white birds aren’t afraid to take up residence around people, and they can be quite the nuisance for farmers and homeowners alike. Magpies won’t hesitate in their aggressive assault on fruit trees and gardens. Their tendency to forage for food in the ground can devastate a once-pristine yard, and the bird’s belligerent behavior is enough to drive away other, more preferred species. Magpies are also famously noisy, and their jarring calls can be incredibly obnoxious.

Because magpies are so clever, it can be tricky to get rid of them. They can quickly get accustomed to visual scare tactics, and protective netting is difficult to set up properly, as well as an impractical personal investment for a backyard garden. If you want to ensure the successful removal of magpies from your property, contact your local Trutech team. Our magpie removal and magpie control services provide customers with safe and permanent solutions. With Trutech, you don’t have to worry about whether or not your fruit trees will be picked clean in the morning, or if you’ll be able to sleep through the caws of murder or magpies the night prior. We’ll make sure you’re taken care of.

Trutech is proud of its commitment to using only humane and environmentally-conscious methods of removal. Our magpie control and removal services are ethical, effective, and long-lasting, so don’t wait. Call Trutech today, and sleep soundly tonight.

Magpie Problem

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Dangers of Magpie Infestation

For those with fruit trees or backyard gardens, magpies can be a terror. They will pick clean all manner of fruits and vegetables, including strawberry plants and corn. The birds may also damage lawns when they forage for worms and grubs under the grass. Finally, magpies are attracted to suet feeders and will quickly empty them. Their aggressive behavior can scare off smaller, more desirable songbirds.

One of the most unusual behaviors of the species is the so-called magpie funeral. When one magpie discovers the dead body of another, it calls out to attract up to 40 others that all call over the body simultaneously for up to 15 minutes. This bizarre behavior is a nuisance to homeowners, as even one bird’s shrieks can be quite loud.

Humane Magpie Removal & Control Strategies

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Entry into property

Any yard with trees or near wooded areas is a likely candidate to attract magpies. Their varied diets and relative ease around people help them thrive in populated areas.

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Trapping & Removal

Several traps can be effective in areas with high concentrations of magpies. However, be sure to consult federal, state, and local laws before setting traps, as some licenses and protections may apply. Ultimately, to ensure safe and successful removal of magpies, property owners should contact animal control professionals. Licensed wildlife removal companies can rid yards of problem birds better than even the most diligent amateur.

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Prevention & Exclusion

Fruit trees and gardens can be protected with flexible bird netting. When used in trees, it should be secured at the trunk so magpies can’t fly underneath. If garden crops will grow extremely tall, use a frame as well to form a tent around the entire space. It should be noted that netting large areas can be expensive and impractical for all but the most high-dollar crops. Pie tins, Mylar balloons, and other visual scare tactics are another method to exclude magpies. However, these devices must be moved at least weekly so the birds don’t get used to them.

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