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roof rat in house

The Best Rodent Traps

Of all the critters known for infesting homes, rodents are among the most difficult to deal with. They are infamous for their resourcefulness, their intelligence,

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Roof rate climbing a wooden structure

Rat Sounds

Oftentimes, rat sounds are the first indicators of rodent problems within the home. When indoors, these pests can be heard gnawing on floor joists, siding,

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Chipmunk eating a nut

Chipmunk Sounds

Chipmunks most frequently use a high-pitched chirping noise. Their ‘chuck-chuck’ call is often mistaken for birdsong. But when responding to threats, you may hear a

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Squirrel Sounds

If you hear sounds in your attic during the day, most times it is a squirrel. Squirrels will most likely make noises during the early

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