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Amelia Island Wildlife Removal

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Wildlife We Remove in Amelia Island, FL

Amelia Island is Florida’s northernmost barrier island and is unique for its history, protected ecosystems, and wildlife. The island is almost totally surrounded by preserved lands and has 300 acres of protected land along Egans Creek.

Amelia Island is home to a rare maritime forest ecosystem and a multitude of flora and fauna. Along Egan’s Creek Greenway you can see river otters, bobcats, alligators, or birds such as the great blue heron, egrets, bald eagles, osprey, and more. While on the greenway, remain on the trails at all times for your safety and the animal’s safety. 

Similarly, it can be dangerous if an animal uses your house as its home. An animal on your property can cause damage and spread diseases. As Amelia Island continues to be a popular destination, wildlife will continue to adapt to thrive among people.  

Typical Nuisance Wildlife







Stinging Insect Control

We can also safely remove any stinging insect nests. Wasps, bees, yellow jackets, hornets, and paper wasps are in Florida. The pollinators might be beneficial or unwanted depending on the location. If the nest is in your home or hidden in your grass, it can put your family in danger. 

Social insects live in colonies and will defend their hive or nest. They can also cause property damage. Carpenter bees can create holes in wood. Hives can attract other nuisance wildlife like raccoons and rodents. 

  • Bees

  • Wasps

  • Hornets

  • Yellow Jackets

Amelia Island Wildlife Removal Services

Not all encounters with wildlife on your property requires traps, snares or firearms. Often you can resolve a potential issue by removing or limiting resources on your property.

Human-wildlife conflict is defined as any interaction between people (including their pets or livestock) and wildlife that results in negative impacts.

Homeowners should be concerned about nuisance wildlife when:

  • causes (or is about to cause) property damage,
  • presents a threat to public safety, or
  • causes an annoyance within, under, or upon a building

Since founding in 1984, Trutech Wildlife Service has been helping both homeowners and commercial businesses protect property and public health from nuisance wildlife. With a focus on the best customer experience possible, we work hard to efficiently protect properties from unwelcome wildlife.

Here’s what to expect when working with Trutech:

Step 1: Inspection

When a Trutech technician arrives at your home, we will start by asking questions about your experience with the nuisance wildlife at hand.
Once we have a firm grasp on the issues the property owner is facing, a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior of the home begins. This includes looking at the attic, crawlspace, roof, and any possible entry points. Since each species and home is different, the length of the inspection can vary. It can take between 30 minutes to 3 hours to accurately evaluate the extent of the wildlife nuisance issue.

Step 2: The Plan

With the results of the inspection, we share our findings with you. And share how we will solve the problem for you.
Although each wildlife control plan is unique to the home, it may include live trapping, direct capture, one-way doors, or deterrents. Before any work begins, we make sure that you are comfortable with the steps being taken to resolve the nuisance wildlife issue.

Step 3: Get To Work

If you approve of the plan, we will set up a time to put it into place. After the animal removal has taken place, we will repair any damage caused by the critter. Additionally, we will apply sanitizing and ectoparasite agents to the affected areas. Once the plan is executed, your home will be returned to its normal condition.

Step 4: Full Home Exclusion

Wildlife removal is just one part of the plan. Many plans include wildlife control measures to prevent any future problems. This is often completed by installing a full home exclusion. The goal is to create physical barriers to prevent animals from entering your home in the future.
A few possible exclusion techniques include gable vents, ridge vents, crawlspace vents, roof returns, and plumbing stacks. With the appropriate exclusions in place, you can rest easy knowing that a long-term solution is in place to protect your home from nuisance wildlife.

Guarantee and Warranty

Once installed, Trutech offers a one-year warranty on full home exclusions. Plus, there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the initial work, Trutech will send out a service manager to inspect the work completed and make any necessary adjustments.

Trutech technician inspecting the outside of a property
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Some Geographic Restrictions

Nuisance Wildlife on Ameilia Island

Squirrel Removal

The Fox Squirrel and the Eastern Grey Squirrel both inhabit Northeast Florida. If you hear scurrying in your attic, it is likely the Eastern Grey Squirrel. Fox Squirrels prefer open woods, pine and cypress stands, and mangrove swamp.

Squirrels are active from dawn until dusk so you will hear them early in the morning. Like all rodents, they constantly chew and gnaw so a squirrel will damage your home by gnawing.

Don’t waste time with costly squirrel traps or squirrel repellents because squirrels can easily find their way back into your home. Our squirrel removal experts will employ a variety of tactics such as live trapping, one-way doors, deterrents, and live capture to solve your squirrel infestation.

Bat Removal

Bats in the attic, or elsewhere in your home, can be a particularly troublesome nuisance. Not only do they make noise, but their nests and droppings can negatively affect your health and the health of your family.

Bat guano is the surest sign you have bats and the greatest risk to your health. A large accumulation of guano can lead to structural issues and spread two fungal diseases.

We never exterminate bats. During maternity season (usually April 15 to August 15), it is illegal to remove bats in Florida.

After maternity season, the wildlife technician removes bats by installing a one-way bat valve. That allows the bats to safely leave your home but prevents them from re-entering.



Rodent Control

Got a problem with mice, rats, or other rodents? Rodents damage your home and spread diseases. Setting a few traps is not an effective rodent pest control method because of how often rodents breed. A litter is usually between five to twelve, and one rat can have up to seven litters in a year!

Our rodent pest control specialists in Northeast Florida will work with you to get rid of mice and rat problems and help advise you on effective rat removal and mouse removal so that you no longer need to worry about these destructive pests.

The standard rat or mouse trapping duration is normally 5-14 days. An integrated trapping and exclusion strategy is essential to solve the rodent infestation. Rodents can gnaw through virtually any house material, and mice only need a hole the size of a dime. Trutech offers recurring rodent services to maintain a rodent-free home.

Snake Control

Most of the snakes on Amelia Island are not venomous. There are only six venomous species found in Florida, and they usually only pose a risk to humans when threatened. All snakes are beneficial to the environment. If you have a snake in your home, avoid killing it. To ensure safe and permanent removal, you need the expertise of a licensed professional.

A snake enters a home looking for food. If you need snake removal on Amelia Island, you likely have rats or mice in your house too.

Not only will Trutech safely remove the snake but also the technician will inspect for any other pest animals. Once all wildlife has been removed, we’ll prevent any future pest animal infestations.

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are found throughout Florida. The population of raccoons continues to grow because of the availability of resources (namely food, shelter, and water).

Raccoons are nocturnal. One of the most common signs of a raccoon infestation is loud, strange noises at night.

Raccoons only need a gap the size of a grapefruit to squeeze into your home, but they are capable of creating much larger holes. They can tear shingles off roofs and tear apart soffits. They also cause significant damage inside your home. 

Cage traps are the most effective raccoon removal technique. Long-term solutions include exclusion techniques by sealing any entry points.

Armadillo Control

Armadillos were introduced to Florida in the 1920s and now are common and considered naturalized. Prolific diggers, armadillos can damage lawns and garden-beds with their burrows.

Armadillos present little danger to people. The greatest danger they pose is to your landscaping. Controlling the animal can protect your lawn and garden and the integrity of structures like decks and driveways on your property.

Capturing an armadillo with a live trap can be difficult. Habitat modification and exclusions are extremely effective in removing armadillos from your lawn. Water your garden beds in the morning because armadillos prefer loose soil. Armadillos are nocturnal, and the soil will have dried out by the mid-afternoon.

Who We Are

When you encounter unwanted wildlife in your home or business it is important to resolve the problem quickly and professionally. At Trutech, our expert technicians and specialists have spent over 40 years developing and training to provide humane wildlife service.

Technicians have local knowledge of the town they live and work in. As an experienced wildlife control company, we know how to protect you and your family from the hazards of wildlife in your home or place of business.

And we’re not satisfied until you are and that is 100% guaranteed. Our goal is a long-term solution to your wildlife problem. Our full home exclusions are always guaranteed for one year.

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Outstanding service, very thorough and a great tech that takes care of all our issues.
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Very professional and prompt. Also, they are determined to solve the problem with follow up visits. Very thorough on explaining the process for eliminating the problem. I highly recommend Trutech!!
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Our tech is great! Always courteous and very knowledgeable about the critter problems we are having. Highly recommend.
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Trutech has been a very reliable company from our first contact with them. The technicians that service our home are professional, and always do a good job. No snakes is always a win-win in my book.
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Very reliable professional service.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no one-size-fits-all solution; each job requires a custom approach. We inspect every home and build a custom plan to resolve any wildlife problems. We use a variety of techniques including cage traps, direct capture, one-way valves,  and deterrents. Exclusion techniques are the most effective way to get rid of animals. 

We provide customized solutions to each individual customer so that we may solve the issue as quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively as possible. The size of the house, type of animal, number of nuisance animals, and length of time of infestation affect the estimated price of wildlife removal.

An estimate may change based on the amount of animal activity or work needed to be done. All estimates are finalized with an exact price before any work begins.

Our goal is to remove any wildlife as humanely as possible — often that means catching and releasing the animal.

Trutech® does not hire subcontractors for animal removal services. We employ expert technicians who are provided ongoing education and training in all aspects of animal control and removal. Many of our technicians hold degrees in Wildlife Biology, Entomology (insects), Ornithology (birds) or Herpetology (reptiles), some with Masters degrees in their specialty field.

Yes! We are licensed and insured.

We start by first removing the wildlife on your property, and cleaning up any damage. From there we’ll work with you to create a customized prevention plan so you won’t have the same issue again.

Typically an animal dies in your home because it became trapped in a hard-to-reach and hidden area. Our expert technicians have the experience and knowledge to find it and then safely remove the carcass from your home.

Our Wildlife Technicians use a pet-safe odor eliminator made of natural organisms and enzymes that consume decaying organic odor-causing matter, eliminating the source of the lingering odor. We use aerosols, oxidizing agents, foggers, and disinfectants with germicides to deodorize until nature completes this task for you.

You should consider a full home exclusion after the smell has been neutralized. Nuisance wildlife found its way into your house once. That entrance leaves your home vulnerable to future animal infestations. Full home exclusions are the most effective form of wildlife control.

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