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Hornet Control

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Hornet Removal Strategies

Bald-faced hornets, commonly referred to simply as hornets, are found throughout North America. These members of the yellow jacket family live in organized societies with a queen who lays eggs and worker drones who gather food and protect the nest. The stinging pests cause problems for people when they build their nests on or near houses and other occupied buildings.

Hornet Facts

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Dangers of Hornet Infestation

Although bald-faced hornets generally avoid people, they will aggressively defend their nests when threatened. Their stings are considerably more painful than those of other wasps because their venom contains more acetylcholine, a chemical nerve agent. Unlike many bees, hornets can also strike repeatedly, as their stingers do not separate from their bodies after contact.

Humane Hornet Removal & Control Strategies

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Entry into homes or businesses

Nest-building activities can become a problem when hornets decide to construct their hives under the eaves of homes or on garages and sheds. Colder months may even drive bald-faced hornets indoors, where nests are built in attics and between walls. When colonies get too close to places where people live and work, they can become nuisance pests.

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Trapping & Removal

The only way to permanently solve hornet problems is to destroy their nests, but attempting to do so without proper training often makes matters worse. Commercially available sprays, in addition to being dangerous to humans, are frequently misused. The result is hundreds of angry hornets being driven from their home looking for a fight. Remedies like turning a hose on the hive can be equally disastrous. To avoid this danger and hassle, rely on the professional pest removal teams at Trutech to tackle bald-faced hornet control and removal.

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Prevention & Exclusion

It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to actively prevent bald-faced hornets from infesting yards. Since their diet consists of all types of insects, it is not simply a matter of eliminating their food supply. Homeowners can hang commercially available fake hives from their houses to drive away hornets, which are territorial. Another tactic is to swab likely nesting areas with mint, herbs, or citronella.

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