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Bee Hive Removal in Tampa

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When you encounter bees on your property, you might consider them beneficial or a nuisance depending on the location.

Generally, bees are beneficial and not aggressive, but hey will defend their nest if threatened. It is possible for people and bees to cohabitate. When the hive is isolated like on a roof return, people can easily avoid it. 

This Tampa homeowner found a bee hive inside their wall!

Bee Hive in Wall

Bees in the wall present specific risks. If the hive entrance is near people or pet activity, there’s the risk of stings. Depending on the location, you might hear the incessant buzzing. Bees ventilate the beeswax combs which prevent the honey from melting. If the colony dies, the combs will melt in the Tampa heat and stain the interior walls with honey and wax. 

We found the entrance to the beehive in this quarter-size hole. Exterminating the bees still leaves the combs. Not only will the honey and wax melt, but the empty combs will attract other pests. A swarming bee colony could use it. The honey and wax can attract pest animals like rats and raccoons. 

Bee Hive Removal from Wall

We exposed the hive by removing the stucco wall. When possible, we use a bee vac. A bee vac safely and quickly extracts the bees into a box with removed honeycombs. We continue the process of removing honeycomb and vacuuming. 

removed bee hive

Depending on available space, bee hives can grow large. Some bee hives can weigh over 300 pounds! Once all of the honeycombs are removed and the honey is cleaned up, our technician seals the void. We also check the property for any other signs of bees or wildlife. Occasionally, the next morning you might see a few worker bees. This is not unusual. There is a low risk for stings from these bees. 

Trutech Wildlife Service for Bee Removal

Every day Trutech wildlife technicians identify and repair animal entry holes. Our experts have the training and experience to safely remove the pests, repair the damage, and return your property to its original state.  This homeowner had difficulty finding the location where the bee hive was! 

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