North Carolina Wildlife Removal and Pest Control Services

Animal Removal, Trapping & Exclusion Services in NC

We live in a DIY world. There are YouTube videos to help you learn how to play the guitar and classes at many local libraries about so much more than literature. But if you’re hearing bees buzzing in your back shed, or seeing mice or rat droppings in places you don’t want to see — and really now, who wants to see that anywhere? — it’s time to call the professionals.

Nuisance wildlife removal in North Carolina is one of those jobs that looks like it may be easy, but we’re here to tell you, there is a learning curve. And if you do it wrong, you could end up hurting yourself or breaking part of the building you’re trying to protect. Pest control in North Carolina is one of those “projects around the house” that can unexpectedly get much worse very quickly.

If you have swarms of stinging insects that just won’t leave your backyard alone, groundhogs or moles messing about in your lawn, or birds that look suspiciously like they are living in your roof, it’s time to make the call. Trutech is a local team of trained technicians who are ready for pest control in North Carolina.

We will handle any nuisance wildlife removal in North Carolina, and we will also come up with a plan to do any repair or exclusion work necessary to ensure the pest does not come back to your home or office. We’ve seen it all and we know how to remove it. For all you recovering DIY-ers out there, you can sit this one out so we can take care of the nuisance wildlife. Let us handle this so you can get back to the kind of projects you actually like.

Areas Served

Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Durham, Raleigh and the rest of North Carolina; we sure do have a great state! Babe Ruth hit his first professional home run in North Carolina, and we like to claim that North Carolina was the first colony to declare independence from Great Britain. We’re not history experts (because we’re experts at wildlife removal in North Carolina), but it sure sounds good! North Carolina was definitely the “First in Flight” when the Wright Brothers famously arrived in Kitty Hawk to take advantage of our famous beaches.

Winston-Salem might just be one of our favorite cities where we provide wildlife removal in North Carolina. Not for anything related to the nuisance wildlife, but because that fine city gave us Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. Folks have loved to call North Carolina home for centuries. However, the wildlife loves North Carolina, too. It makes sense though, doesn’t it? It’s like we designed it to be great for them with landscape ranging from Atlantic Ocean beaches to the Appalachian Mountains. And then we added doughnuts!

However, If you’re seeing too many mice in Greensboro (even one is too many if you’re seeing it inside!) or if you have too many squirrels or a surprise bat or pigeon in Raleigh or Durham, it’s time to call in a professional pest control technician, like Trutech.

Bats, squirrels, birds, rodents, snakes, skunks, and many other pests call North Carolina home — but with Trutech on your side, the wildlife doesn’t stand a chance of calling your home their home. The Trutech service pledge covers Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Durham, Raleigh, and central North Carolina.

Top Nuisance Wildlife by Season in North Carolina

If you live in the State of North Carolina, you’ve probably experienced problems with at least some of the following wildlife pests. Winter weather can be unpredictable, it’s likely that your pest problems are somewhat seasonal. We’ve noticed an increase of support calls for help with the following animals in different seasons:

Fall – Bats, BirdsGroundhogs, Opossums, Pigeons, Raccoons, Rats, Skunks, Squirrels, Stinging Insects

Winter – Birds, Opossums, Pigeons, Raccoons, Rats, Squirrels

Spring – BatsStinging InsectsBirds, Moles, Pigeons, Squirrels

Summer – Bats, Birds, Groundhogs, Mice, Moles, Pigeons, Rats, Skunks, SnakesStinging Insects

The Trutech Pledge

Our customers deserve the most professional and effective animal control services available. Trutech has technicians with degrees in biology, entomology (bugs), and herpetology (snakes) as well as expert chiropterists (bet you didn’t know that’s what a bat expert is called) and ornithologists (birds).

Our technicians bring more than a century of combined experience to your North Carolina home or business and solving your wildlife removal and pest exclusion needs is our only goal. If you have an animal problem, we’ve seen it — and solved it — before. We never quit and our job isn’t done until your animal control problem is removed.

You can depend on our licensed and insured technicians to strategically assess, completely remove, and provide a long-term solution for your North Carolina wildlife problems. Total customer satisfaction is the only acceptable outcome. We believe it so strongly, we guarantee it.