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Beehive Removal from Office Building

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Bees build hives in dry, protective cavities like old rodent burrows, underbrush piles, under structures, and sometimes birdhouses. If a bee colony can find an entry point, wall cavities, ceilings, and attics, you need to remove them. The bees pose a sting threat to anyone near them. The honey and the combs can attract additional pests. 

Beehive Inside Office Building

The bees in Ocala found space above the ceiling tiles to build their hive. Drawn by the lights, the bees navigated their way into multiple offices. 

For bigger bee hives inside a wall cavity, people can hear the constant drone of the buzzing bees. In this instance, employees witnessed bees flying in their offices. 

Beehive Removal from Office Ceiling

As pollinators, bees play an incredibly important part in our environment. Bees flying in the office can be very dangerous for some people. An estimated 5% of the population is allergic to bee stings. You do not know how severe the allergy is until you are stung. This can be a huge liability for the business (source source).

An old hive left in the office could attract a new colony of bees. Additionally, the hive area must be sanitized to remove any honey. Otherwise, leftover honey could attract other pests, including ants, cockroaches, rats, or raccoons

We removed the ceiling exposing the beehive. We removed the hive, cleaned up the honey, and finally repaired the ceiling. 

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