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Bats in Tampa Bay, FL

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Florida is home to thirteen bats, and all of them eat insects. Residents in Tampa Bay can experience incredible benefits from bats on their property. One bat can consume up to 3,000 insects a night! Nursing bats can consume even more.

Just because bats are beneficial, you shouldn’t open your home to them. Bats inside your home especially the attic will cause damage and introduce health risks to you and your family.

We asked Tom West, district manager for Trutech Wildlife Service in Tampa, about bats.

Bats in Tampa

Where do bats live in Tampa 

We find them in roof returns, gable vents, barrel roof tiles and soffits.

What is the most common sign homeowners notice about bat infestations?

People hear bat sounds like chirping. Homeowners can also smell the bat guano. 

What bat species typically live in attics in Tampa Bay, Florida?

The Brazilian free tail bat is the most common bat in an attic in Tampa.

How does Trutech Wildlife Service get rid of bats in Tampa?

The only humane way to remove bats is with exclusion and bat valve.

Are bats protected in Florida?

It is not illegal to remove bats, but there are restrictions on when and how. It is illegal to kill or harm any bat in Florida. 

 What do these protections mean for homeowners? 

You cannot install a bat valve and bat exclusions between April 15 to August 15. The FWC  (Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission) does issue permits for special bat removal cases. 

Bat Removal in Tampa Bay

professional bat removal in tampa

If you have bats in your attic, call Trutech Wildlife Service. 

The most effective and humane way to remove bats is by utilizing a bat valve in conjunction with a full home bat exclusion. A bat valve allows for bats to exit your home but not re-enter. Since each bat removal is unique, our specialist will use or create a bat valve specifically for your home. Our inspector will determine the proper amount of bat valves to be used, but most removals only require one bat valve.

Once the bat valve is installed, all other bat entry points will be sealed, allowing for bats to only exit through the valve. The removal process typically takes 3-7 days. Our specialist will perform a final attic inspection before removing the valve. After removing the valve, the final entry point will be sealed, leaving your home bat-free.

Picture of Tom West, ACE

Tom West, ACE

Tom brings over 10 years of pest control and management experience to our Tampa team. Holding a certificate in entomology as well as a Certified Pest Control Operator license, Tom is eager to provide the highest quality of wildlife removal services to the Tampa community. In his free time, Tom can be found fishing or watching football or baseball.

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