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Scorpion control is the solution to quite a variety of scorpions in the United States. Some are the size of a quarter. Some are the size of a mouse. Many reproduce by mating, but some can reproduce on their own (parthenogenetically)! Most scorpions have venom that is a neurotoxin (affects the nervous system), but some have venom that is a cytotoxin (causes local destruction of tissue, similar to a brown recluse spider bite).

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Scorpions are arachnids and, subsequently, are related to spiders. They are, however in a separate order (Scorpionida). Scorpions are predators. They hunt insects and use the venom located in the stingers at the tip of their abdomen to paralyze prey. This stinger can also be used in defense, so beware! If a scorpion gets into your house, keep in mind that, not only can it give you a painful sting, but you might have an insect problem that is attracting the predator! It is best to have scorpion control and scorpion removal professionals do an inspection for you.

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