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Lizards are a species of reptile most commonly found in many parts of the southeastern and southwestern United States. Although they feed off of pesky insects, lizards can also prove quite a nuisance when they invade your yard, garage, or even your house. Lizards have sticky feet that they use for climbing up walls and trees. Because of their small size, if there are any gaps in your walls, lizards can easily climb through and enter into your home. As they are very quick, it can be difficult, and dangerous to the lizards, to try and catch them on your own.

If you have a problem with lizards on your property, it is time to call the experts at Trutech to take care of it. At Trutech, we specialize in humane and effective lizard removals, no matter how large or small. Our team of specialists know exactly how to conduct a lizard removal service in your garage, house, or yard without harming these creatures or creating any disruptions for your life. Live without the fear of another lizard invasion by inquiring about one of our lizard control services.

At Trutech, our lizard removal and control services are guaranteed to give you comfort and peace of mind. Our humane removal methods ensure that all lizards are treated in an environmentally sensitive way. If you have a problem with lizards, don’t wait- call the team of experts at Trutech for all of your lizard control and lizard removal needs today!

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While lizards come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, they do share some common features, including rough, scaly skin, claws, and tails. They can be further distinguished by their ear openings and movable eyelids. The reptile grouping is also known for being able to detach their tails to escape danger, though not all species are capable of this.


Lizard diets vary depending on the particular species, though most of the reptiles feed on insects and small animals. For example, flies and crickets are a large part of gecko and chameleon diets, while iguanas enjoy vegetation such as fruits, mosses, and leaves.


Generally speaking, lizards are found in deserts, rocky regions, wooded areas, plains, and swamps. In climates with winter seasons, lizards will sleep during the cold weather only to reemerge as warmer temperatures return. Preferred environments have plentiful sources of food and shelter. Due mainly to their exotic-looking nature, lizards are popular pets. Species like the tegu lizard and green iguana are among the most common domestic lizards. They are considered invasive species in many places as their difficult care regimen results in pet owners releasing them into the wild.




Given food scarcity, lizards will wander into residential areas looking for sustenance. However, the reptiles prefer the outdoors where food and water are abundant. People that do experience lizard infestations often live in areas with ideal conditions, such as those with abundant flies and grasshoppers or fruit- and flower-bearing plants. Lands with ample cover from the elements and predators attract the creatures, as well.



Lizards can bite if the opportunity presents, and most reported inquiries are the result of rough handling. Otherwise, lizards do not go out of their way to harm humans. Though some species are venomous, swift medical attention after bites keeps mortality rates low enough to be negligible. Lizards are not known for damaging manmade structures and are actually beneficial for ecosystems. The animals are largely considered pests due to their intimidating appearance and the burrowing habits of specific species, which contribute to the destruction of expensive landscaping.



Prevent lizards from invading structures by finding holes in building exteriors and sealing them with wire mesh or caulk. Common entrance holes pop up around ventilation systems, piping, and electrical service entrances. Remove possible nesting sites by cleaning debris from surrounding properties. Potential cover that should be removed includes lumber and crates, as well as lawn-care equipment, boxes, and rocks.



Various lizards are protected by state and federal law. As such, professional advice and action is always the best option when dealing with the unpredictable reptiles. With extensive backgrounds in lizard removal, Trutech experts can eliminate threats to property owners legally, safely, and humanely.

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