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Bats in Orlando, FL

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Bats are found in nearly every geographic region in Florida. Their favorite environments include tropical forests, woodlands and open fields. Natural roosting spots include caves, trees, hollowed logs, and rock crevices. 

When natural bat habitats overlap with residential areas, conflicts arise. Bats take up residence in barns, sheds, and other outbuildings, as well as in attics. They find their way inside through gaps in roofs or uncovered chimneys. Once bat colonies are established, resulting problems range from general noise and smell nuisances to the heightened risk of contracting illnesses.

To better understand bats in Orlando, we spoke with Jamie Llanos, district manager in Orlando. 

Bats in Orlando, FL

Where do bats live in Orlando, FL?

Bats tend to live inside attic spaces of your home however we have seen them in other spaces such as behind paneling on the sides of your homes, inside gable vents, chimneys, and various other places. Because they are so small compared to other wildlife animals they’re able to sneak into small spaces and can enter your home through AC vents.

 What is the most common sign homeowners in Orlando notice about a bat infestation?

They can often hear noises inside their attic spaces as well as high pitch squealing/chirping noises is the best way to describe it.

Of the 13 bat species in Florida, what are the most common bats in attics in Orlando?

The most common bat we deal with in Orlando is the Brazilian free-tail bat.

How does Trutech Wildlife Service get rid of bats in Florida?

we remove bats from customers home by using a one-way valve which is custom made on site to tailor each home differently. Once the bats are removed we will seal up the rest of your home or commercial property to ensure they do not return as well as apply multiple different types of sanitizing treatments.

Is it illegal to remove bats in Orlando, FL?

It is not illegal to remove bats; however, during the mid-months of April to August in the state of Florida bats are protected from removal.

Why are bats protected in Florida? And what does that mean for homeowners?

Yes, bats are protected year-round and cannot be killed or harmed.

During the mating season bats are also protected from being removed from the spaces, they have made their home without a permit from FWC which is very rare to get approved.

At Trutech, we can seal the customers home in areas the bats currently do not use or have not infested yet, but we must leave the spaces they currently are in and use alone until the mating season is over.

Bat Removal in Orlando, FL

If you have bats in your attic, call Trutech Wildlife Service. 

The most effective and humane way to remove bats is by utilizing a bat valve in conjunction with a full home bat exclusion. A bat valve allows for bats to exit your home but not re-enter. Since each bat removal is unique, our specialist will use or create a bat valve specifically for your home. Our inspector will determine the proper amount of bat valves to be used, but most removals only require one bat valve.

Once the bat valve is installed, all other bat entry points will be sealed, allowing for bats to only exit through the valve. The removal process typically takes 3-7 days. Our specialist will perform a final attic inspection before removing the valve. After removing the valve, the final entry point will be sealed, leaving your home bat-free.

Picture of Jamie Llanos

Jamie Llanos

Jamie Llanos is the district manager for Trutech Wildlife Service in Orlando, FL.

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