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Marmot Removal

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Marmot in a yard

Marmot Removal Strategies

Marmots are large rodents with large claws and brown fur the size that grow to about the size of a housecat. Marmots are known for their ability to dig long tunnels and burrows beneath the earth. When they dig these burrows, marmots can damage your lawn, garden, and even your home. From September to May typically, marmots hibernate underneath the ground. When they are not hibernating, marmots can carry diseases that can affect both pets and humans.

If you have a problem with marmots at your house, do not risk your safety trying to trap marmots yourself. Trust the experts at Trutech to control and remove marmots that are causing a disruption on your property. Our team of licensed specialists have the tools and knowledge that it takes to safely and effectively solve your marmot problem. Trutech’s experts have the experience you can trust. You can regain your peace of mind thanks to our humane marmot removal and marmot control tactics which protect these creatures and your property.

Whether you are searching for marmot control, trapping, or removal services, you can be confident that you are doing it in the most environmentally sensitive way with Trutech. Don’t wait until marmots have destroyed your yard with their burrows to call Trutech. Get started finding a solution to your marmot problem today!

Marmot Problem

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Signs a Marmot is on Your Property

Marmots are large rodents who generally enjoy living in high elevations and mountainous regions across the United States, Europe, and Asia. Common marmot species have brown or red fur with yellow stomachs and are sometimes called whistle pigs due to their loud, high-pitched vocalizations. Woodchucks, also known as groundhogs, are among the 14 species found north of the equator. Looking for marmot tracks can be a good way to identify their presence in a yard or garden.

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Dangers of Marmot Infestation

As avid burrowers, marmots cause extensive damage to properties in search of food and shelter. They are detrimental to the agricultural industry and leave landscapes looking mowed as a result of their voracious feeding. Additionally, marmots carry diseases like plague, which can be harmful to both humans and pets. Finally, various parasites such as ticks, fleas, and mites may live on marmots and be transferred to pets.


Humane Marmot Removal & Control Strategies

Wildlife points of entry icon

Entry into property

Easy access to their favorite foods attract marmots to private properties where they then establish burrows. While they may den under patios and decks, the rodents are not known to enter homes or buildings for any reason.

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Trapping & Removal

Much like any wild animal, cornered marmots scratch, claw, and bite in order to escape perceived danger. Since the rodents also transmit dangerous diseases, individuals should contact our trained wildlife removal specialists when facing marmot problems. Trutech professionals can take care of marmot infestations safely and humanely.

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Prevention & Exclusion

The easiest way to stop marmots from invading yards, fields, and gardens is to erect fences around the attractive areas. As the rodents are adept climbers and exceptional diggers, fences should be buried at least a foot into the ground and stand at least four feet high. Electrifying fences reinforce their usefulness.

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