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Cotton Rat Control

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Cotton rat in a yard

Cotton Rat Removal Strategies

Cotton rats are found in many parts of the United States, especially in the Southeast. These small rodents have large eyes and thick, greyish fur. These creatures will invade your property if you leave open bowls of pet food on your porch or yard. These animals are always looking for food, so they may be tempted to enter into your home through any open spaces in your structure or foundation.

Cotton rats are not necessarily dangerous to humans. However, their droppings and carcasses have been known to carry certain diseases that can be harmful to humans if not handled properly. To avoid potentially harmful diseases or infections, you need to call a Trutech specialist to conduct a cotton rat removal properly.

Our licensed specialists have the tools and knowledge that it takes to solve your cotton rat problem quickly. And, our humane cotton rat removal and cotton rat control techniques ensure that no animals are harmed as they are removed from your property. Don’t wait until cotton rats invade your property and yard before you try to solve your problem.

When you call Trutech about your issue with cotton rats, you can rest assured that your problems are in the best hands. Give us a call today to learn about our environmentally sensitive cotton rat removal methods and knowledgeable specialists.

Cotton Rat Problem

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Dangers of Cotton Rat Infestation

The major problem cotton rats pose is the threat of destruction to crops and plants. Also carriers of hantavirus, the pests risk infecting people with the potentially fatal disease. The virus can be spread to humans through contact with infected rats or their urine and feces.


Humane Cotton Rat Removal & Control Strategies

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Entry into property

Yards in their range are often overrun with cotton rats, as these environments provide them with coverage, shelter, and sources of food. To avoid rainfall and other outdoor elements, the pests may enter homes for protection. Additionally, when the rodents find stores of food in homes, they are more inclined to invade and settle inside.

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Trapping & Removal

Small populations of cotton rats can be controlled using snap traps and live traps. Strategically place the baited traps near areas that are regularly visited by the pests. However, efficient trapping and cotton rat control is done best by trained pest experts. Contact the local wildlife professionals at Trutech to effectively remove cotton rat infestations in homes and yards.

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Prevention & Exclusion

Keeping cotton rats out of gardens and fields is of the utmost importance to home and property owners. To prevent the pests from eating plants and crops, fence off chosen areas with metal barriers. Fencing should stand at least 15 inches high and reach roughly six inches under the ground. Individuals with concerns about cotton rats in yards and near homes should remove the pests’ preferred habitats by regularly mowing grass and cutting tall weeds.

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