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Beaver Removal

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Beaver Removal Strategies

Our beaver control services ensure that the presence of these animals is well contained and handled with care. We also offer efficient beaver removal services to help remove these creatures from your property properly if they are causing a problem. Our licensed specialists are trained in environmentally sensitive beaver removal techniques that ensure the well-being of all creatures involved. At Trutech, we take pride in our humane removal process and hope you will too.

With the help of our team of experts, you can rest assured that all of your beaver control and beaver removal problems are in good hands. No matter the service your home requires, an experienced technician and specialist at Trutech is here to help. Protecting your home, yard, and garage from unwanted beavers is our specialty.

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Beaver Problem

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Signs a Beaver is on Your Property

If you’ve noticed a beaver’s well-constructed dam or habitat on your property or are kept up at night by the nocturnal habits of these animals, it is time to call the wildlife maintenance experts at Trutech. Don’t let these creatures cause thousands of dollars in damage before you call Trutech. If you notice a problem, find a solution with Trutech’s top quality beaver control and beaver removal services.

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Dangers of Beaver Infestation

While conservationists point out that beaver dams create thriving ecosystems, nuisance beavers also cause flooding in residential areas and on public lands. Their dams slow the flow of water, which affects surrounding soil, crop yields, city infrastructures, and even native populations of fish. Additionally, beavers are known carriers of tularemia and giardia.

Humane Beaver Removal & Control Strategies

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Entry into property

Though they are not known to enter homes, beavers will encroach on private properties if the land is located near their natural habitats. Once beavers find refuge in ponds or lakes, they begin building dams, and nearby trees can become targets as the beavers harvest them for food and as construction materials.

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Trapping & Removal

Individuals trying to trap or remove nuisance beavers without professional assistance endanger themselves unnecessarily. Beavers are wild animals that become aggressive when they feel threatened. Always contact trained pest control specialists when dealing with problematic beavers. Wildlife removal technicians have the training, tools, and knowledge to successfully and humanely remove the animals.

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Prevention & Exclusion

Removing trees and controlling water levels helps deter populations of nuisance beavers from wandering onto private properties. Individuals who do not want to remove all trees from their land can wrap them in hardware cloth to prevent destruction. Due to certain state and federal laws, attempting to remove beaver dams can result in costly fines or jail time.

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Some geographic restrictions apply

Frequently Asked Questions

Defensive Behavior

Beavers are dangerous when cornered. The animals may lunge forward to bite and defend themselves. Before an attack, the pests make hissing sounds and even sharpen their teeth. However, beavers are mean only when threatened.


Another reason beavers are dangerous to residents and pets is the diseases they carry. Some may transmit tularemia, which is fatal to other animals. Water soiled by beaver waste can also spread giardiasis. To avoid injury or illness, contact Trutech for expert wildlife removal and control.

Because of their natural building behaviors, beavers are dangerous mostly when they live near homes. Beaver dams cause flooding that may damage lawns, septic systems, and basements. The pests also cut down saplings, strip bark from trees, and destroy landscaping by eating from shrubs and plants.

Yes, we can handle the beaver problem. Beavers are extremely diligent workers and will continue causing issues until they are removed from the property. Trutech will undertake an intense trapping session and trap for a specific number of days or until activity stops, whichever comes first.

Beavers target an area and work there consistently until they need more resources. As a result, they will develop a “slide.” These are visible mud slides that the beavers create from repeatedly going in and out of the water. It’s important to locate beaver slides in order to have a more successful trapping session.

Once all beavers are removed, it’s important to remove any dams created by the beavers because it may result in ponds/lakes flooding and causing further damage to surrounding areas. The process of beaver removal typically takes 10-14 days.

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