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Badger Control

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Badger in a yard

Badger Removal Strategies

If you’ve noticed a badger burrow in your yard, it may be time to call Trutech. Our animal removal specialists are licensed to perform humane badger removals on your property. Badgers can cause destruction to your property that can cost you thousands of dollars if not taken care of quickly. So, it is important to call a technician at Trutech to inquire about our badger control services.

At Trutech, our team of specialists are trained to help you take care of all of your wildlife management needs. Your badger problem will be handled efficiently and properly by one of our dedicated specialists who understand the needs of these creatures and how to solve your critter problem efficiently. And, if you are worried about the well-being of these nocturnal creatures, you can rest easy because everyone Trutech cares about the lives of all animals, big or small. Our environmentally sensitive badger removal services will remove badgers from your property ethically and efficiently. With the help of Trutech, you can protect your property from potential damage caused by badgers for many years to come.

Badger Problem

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Signs a Badger is on your property

Large, six-inch-diameter holes in yards and fields are most likely the work of an American badger. The pests prefer to dig burrows in open lawns with plenty of prey. In their natural habitat, badgers stay close to food sources with a hiding place nearby.

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Dangers of Badger Infestation

Badgers can cause numerous problems with both their digging and predatory habits. As is the case with other burrowing pests’ dens, badger holes and tunnel systems can damage building foundations, injure livestock, ruin lawns and gardens, and contribute to flooding. These pests also attack chickens, ducks, and turkeys, as well as injure pets.

Humane Badger Removal & Control Strategies

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Entry into property

While not known to enter homes, badgers can be found digging in yards in search of food. The pests will construct their burrows near gardens, farm fields, and other grassy areas in order to be near easy prey.

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Trapping & Removal

Badgers can be quite dangerous when cornered or during attempts to trap. In order to safely and humanely remove badgers from the premises, contact the trained wildlife removal specialists at Trutech.

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Prevention & Exclusion

Fencing can help keep badgers out of yards. However, since the pests are excellent diggers, homeowners must be sure to bury fences at least a foot beneath the surface. Additionally, limiting food sources by maintaining foliage and sealing cracks in building foundations will deter badger presence. Using bright lights at night to scare the pests off can be helpful, as well.

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Some geographic restrictions apply

Frequently Asked Questions

Trutech is dedicated to solving your problem as efficiently as possible while maintaining an ethical code of behavior when handling nuisance wildlife. This includes limiting the amount of time that animals must spend in traps, relocation to suitable habitat, and humane euthanasia as dictated by your local authority.

Badgers live in yards and pastures to search for food with little threat from predators. The animals not only rip up lawns in search of insects and grubs, but they also dig new burrows every day. Livestock or people who stumble into a badger hole can suffer serious injury.

Homes within a badgers’ habitat may also see more snakes, groundhogs, and rabbits in the area. These animals often use abandoned badger burrows as nests.

Stripe Pattern

Also prone to digging in yards, the striped skunk is a badger-like animal that residents may spot outdoors. People often misidentify the two pests because of their markings. Both badgers and skunks have a vertical, white stripe running between their eyes. However, badgers have extra facial markings around their eyes and cheeks.

Color and Anatomy

While skunks usually have black bodies, badgers come in a range of colors, including brown, gray, and silver. Skunks also tend to have larger, fluffier tails.

Homes within a badgers’ habitat may also see more snakes, groundhogs, and rabbits in the area. These animals often use abandoned badger burrows as nests.

Badgers may look cute, but they can be hostile towards outdoor dogs and cats when provoked. If these pests or any badger relatives become problems around the home, Trutech can provide prevention, exclusion, and removal services.

To prevent badger holes in lawns, use mesh fencing buried 12 to 18 inches deep. Unfortunately, buying enough fencing to cover large yards is costly, which leads many homeowners to consider trapping. These also tend to be expensive, and setting them correctly requires skill. Another way to exclude badgers from a property is to remove their prey. The experts at Trutech can remove not just badgers from lawns, but also squirrels, gophers, prairie dogs, and any other animals that are part of a badger’s diet.

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