We Found a Surprise Guest During Charleston Rat Control

Roof rat on wood

Rodents will always be an issue in Charleston because of the proximity to water and the unique architectural style in Charleston. Rodents like rats and mice can damage your house, spread diseases, and contaminate your food. But there’s another surprising reason for rodent removal. Rats in the Attic A homeowner had roof rats in their […]

How to Remove Beehive Removal from inside the Ceiling


Bees build hives in dry, protective cavities like old rodent burrows, under brush piles, under structures, and sometimes bird houses. If a bee colony can find an entry point, wall cavities, ceilings, and attics, you need to remove. The bees pose a sting threat to anyone near. The honey and the combs can attract additional […]

Why Do Beavers Build Dams?

Beaver eating on a rock

At nearly three feet in length and around 50 pounds, beavers are the largest rodents in the United States. Well-known for their habit of chewing on trees, the pests often live on properties by streams or rivers. The ideal beaver habitat is also the perfect location for a dam, including of any area with flowing water surrounded […]